This game is a load of greatness! Notice how the box art says: "I just wish I could stop playing! But I can't because of the new feature brought to you by NAMCO! THis enables you to be able to never stop playing, by actually putting you in the game!"

List of Characters

Fighters from Nintendo

  • Mario - Donkey Kong (Final Smashes: Mario Finale, Super Mario Tornado, Mario Extravaganza)
  • Link - The Legend of Zelda (Final Smashes: Triforce Slash, the Ocarina of Time, Wolf Link)
  • Pikachu - Pokemon (Final Smashes: Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, Charge Beam)
  • Samus - Metroid (Final Smashes: Zero Laser, Plasma Whip Fury, Transformation)
  • Fox McCloud - Star Fox (Final Smashes: Landmaster, Dual Shot, Illusion Fire Fox)
  • Pit - Kid Icarus (Final Smashes: Palutena's Army)
  • Kirby - Kirby's Dreamland (Final Smashes: Cook Kirby, Cutter+Fire, Fighter+Cutter, Fire+Stone, Ice+Hammer)
  • Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong (Final Smashes: Beatin' Earthquake, Donkey Kongos, Smash!)
  • Bowser - Super Mario Bros. (Final Smashes: Giga Bowser, Call Koopalings, Giga Flame)
  • Ike - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Final Smashes: Great Aether, Aether's Strike, Ultimate Aether)
  • Roy - Fire Emblem: Fuin no Tsurugi (Final Smashes: Ancient Rapier, Burning Cutter, Flamestorm)
  • Falco Lombardi - Star Fox (Final Smashes: Giant Flaming Bird, Airwing, Illusion Fire Bird)
  • Luigi - Mario Bros. (Final Smashes: Luigi Finale, Negative Zone, Super Luigi Cyclone)
  • Peach - Super Mario Bros. (Final Smashes: Peach Blossom, Super Peach Bomber, Rapid Kicking)
  • Yoshi - Super Mario World (Final Smashes: Super Dragon, Ultimate Dragon, Giant Egg Roll)
  • Lucas - Earthbound Mother 3 (Final Smashes: PK Starstorm, PK Fusion Telekniesis, PK Ultimate Starstorm)
  • Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong Country (Final Smashes: Rocketbarrel Barrage, Rocketbarrel Madness, Rolling Kong)
  • Pokemon Trainer - Pokemon (Final Smashes: Triple Finish, Super Effective Attack!, Ultimate Blast)
  • Wolf O'Donnell - Star Fox 64 (Final Smashes: Landmaster, Illusion Wolf, Rapid Wolf)
  • Zelda/Sheik - The Legend of Zelda (Final Smashes: Light Arrow, Faere's Flaming Arrow, Triforce Beam)
  • Lucario - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (Final Smashes: Aura Storm, Focus Blast, 140-hit Aura Hit)
  • Mr. Game & Watch - Game & Watch (Final Smashes: Octopus, Dragon, Shark)
  • Captain Falcon - F-Zero (Final Smashes: Blue Falcon, Ultimate Falcon Punch, Raptor Boost)
  • Ness - Eartbound (Final Smashes: PK Starstorm, PK Fusion Telekniesis, PK Ultimate Starstorm)
  • Wario - Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins (Final Smashes: Wario-Man, Giant Stinkbomb, Super Bike)
  • Meta Kinght - Kirby's Adventure (Final Smashes: Galaxia Darkness, Shroud of Darkness, Black Tornado)
  • Naval Piranha (newcomer) - Yoshi's Island (Final Smashes: Ivy Flash, Thrones of Destruction, Petey to the Rescue!)
  • Marth - Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Final Smashes: Critical Slash, Great Aether, Dolphin Cutter)
  • Raichu - Pokemon (Final Smashes: Great Darkness, Lighting Strock, Eletric Volt)
  • Mewtwo - Pokemon (Final Smashes: Great Darkness, Brainwash, Copycat)
  • Miis - Mii Channel ( Final Smashes: Make your own final smash! )

Third-Party Characters

  • Every single characters you could ever imagine and or care about, will be put in. This function makes it so that anything you want can be played. For example, if you want Homer Simpson to be a character, just think of the moves and then you have got yourself a deal! The console will track your brain down to where you thought of the moves, and the character, and implement them into the game.


When you pick up this game, you may notice that there is no gameplay. Just a list of characters, This is because YOU can create the game. Whatever you want them to do, they will gladly do it as long as you give them permission.

Classic Mode

There is none!

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