Super Mario Wacky Worlds was a cancelled game origanily supposed to be released for th CD-i. This is my idea of it. Mario can only walk and jump, and there is only one item in each world. Enemies cannot hurt Mario,so he is invincible. Also, instead of a flag for a goal post it is a M shaped gate. At the end of every level, or world, Mario rescues a Yoshi or a Toad. Also, different color warp pipes enter and go to different bonus places. Red brings you a red yoshi. Green enters you in a small garden with a bunch of coins. Pink turns you into a Toadette. Orange brings you to an orange room filled with enemies that give you one ups if you defeat them. Blue is just a normal warp pipe


Greek World

Has a greek like appearence, with th trojan horse and some temples. The enemies are greek Koopas. The boss is Greek Bowser. 3 levels. Power up is Fire Flower.

Egypt World

With a huge desert you can explore the sands and pyramids of egypt. The enemies are mummy Koopas and the boss is Mummipokey. 4 levels. Power up is Tanooki Tail.

Castle World

Explore dungeons in different castles from the medievel times with swords and knights. The enemies in here are Knight Koopas. The boss is Knight Boo. 2 Levels. The power up is Metal Cap.

Ship World

Pirate Ships with skeletons and treasure all over. The enemies are Pirate Koopas and Skeloboos. The boss is Captain Plant.3 Levels. t]The power up is ice flower.

Cave World

A creepy cave with paintings on the wall and mazes all over the place. The enemies are Vampire Koopas and Phantos. The boss is Count Cheap. 4 levels.The power up is Rock Mushroom.

Artic World

Brr! It's freezing. Find icebergs and igloos,and try not to freeze. The enemies are Eskimo Koopas and Freeze Chomp. The boss is Iceberg Lakitu. 5 levels. The power up is Penguin Suit.

Xtreme Wacky Metroplois

Cities and pipes and mixed up stuff eveywhere. The enemies are Flying Koopa Head and Gooman. The boss is Xtreme Bowser. 5 levels. The power up is Starman.

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