Bomberman should get out of game limbo and come back for a new game that only Konami can do so, since there somewhat responible for Hudon Soft.


Various Bomber should take out Mujoe and various bosses to save Planet Bomber. Only eight bombers are eligible to bomb various bombers who are also competing to save the world.

Playable Characters

Character Voice-Suggestion Class Role
White Bomber Jess Harnell Medium Starter
Cool Black Bomber Ian James Corlett Medium Starter
Cute Pink Bomber Rachel Wilson Light Starter
Giant Gold Bomber Scott McNeil Heavy Starter
Kid Blue Bomber Terry Klassen Light Starter
Bookworm Green Bomber Corey Burton Medium Starter
Red Bomber Andrea Libman Light Starter
Lucky Bomber Andrea Libman Medium Starter
Galloping Bomber Steve Little Medium Unlockable
Mermaid Bomber Chantal Strand Light Unlockable
Thunder Bomber Wayne Knight Heavy Unlockable
Carmen Bomber Andrea Libman Light Unlockable
Cheer Bomber Chantal Strand Light Unlockable
Noodle Bomber Jess Harnell Medium Unlockable
Battle Bomber Cusse Mankuma Heavy Unlockable
Lt. Bomber Kelly Sheridan Light Unlockable
Bomber Fudd Jeff Bennett Heavy Unlockable
Pilot Bomber Phil Hayes Heavy Unlockable
Cleo Bomber Kari Wahlgren Medium Unlockable
Ninja Bomber Mike Pollock Medium Unlockable
Eagle Bomber Michale Donovan Heavy Unlockale
Light Blue Bomber Alec Willow Medium Unlockable
Champion Bomber Corey Burton Medium Unlockable


(the unplayable bosses of the game)

  • Clown Face (Phil Hayes)
  • Partz (Jeff Bennett)
  • Snow Queen (Kari Wahlgren)
  • Bagura (Jeff Bennett)
  • Mujoe (Patrick McKenna) (Final Boss)


  • Story-Play the adventure and save the world.
  • Arcade-Play a level just for fun.
  • Online-Play aganist other people.
  • Event-Clear a mission as a certain character.

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