Street Fighter Alpha 2 Special Title screen

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Special is the third version of Street Fighter Alpha 2. (The second was Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold) It has many enhancements over SFA2/Gold.

It would be downloadable on 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita, PS3, PC, and Xbox 360,

New Options

  • System Type

You can pick between the gameplay and graphical styles of Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, and the new Street Fighter Alpha 2 Special. These versions have slight differences between eachother. There is als custom type.

  • Music Type

You can choose between the default Street Fighter Alpha 2 music, the arranged Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold music, and the newly-arranged Street Fighter Alpha 2 Special music.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Special System Type

The differences added in the Street Fighter Alpha 2 Special System Type are as follows:

  1. Alpha Counters take 0.5 of your Super Combo bar instead of 1.0 (in the original version) or 1.5 (in Gold)
  2. Air-blocking is added
  3. Sakura has the Shunka Shutouu from Pocket Fighter.
  4. Sagat's Tiger Knee combo is the one from Street Fighter II
  5. Some graphical alterations
  6. Alternate EX characters


This game has -isms. They are:

Default-ism: Default Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Strike-ism: Street Fighter III: Third Strike's Parrying and Super-combo system is added.

Variable-ism: Same as Street Fighter Alpha 3's V-ism.

Custom-ism: Customizable -ism.


From Street Fighter Alpha 2

  • Ryu (With EX)
  • Ken (With EX)
  • Charlie
  • Chun-Li (With EX and Classic Outfit)
  • Guy 
  • Birdie 
  • Sodom
  • Adon
  • Rose
  • Sagat (With EX)
  • Bison (Known as Vega in Japan) (With EX)
  • Akuma (With EX)
  • Dan Hibiki (With EX)
  • Zangief (With EX)
  • Dhalsim (With EX)
  • Rolento
  • Gen
  • Sakura (With EX)

From Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

  • Cammy (No longer a secret) (With Delta Red Outfit)
  • Evil Ryu (No longer a secret)

New to Street Fighter Alpha 2 Special

  • Balrog (Known as M.Bison in Japan) (With EX)
  • Vega (Known as Balrog in Japan) (With EX)
  • Guile (With EX)
  • E. Honda (With EX)
  • Fei-Long
  • Blanka (With EX)
  • Oni
  • Yang
  • Yun (With EX)
  • Ingrid
  • Cody (With EX)
  • Ruby Heart

EX Characters

  • Ryu=Street Fighter II CE Ryu
  • Ken=Street Fighter II CE Ken
  • Chun-Li=Street Fighter II Turbo Chun-Li
  • Sagat=Street Fighter II CE Sagat
  • Akuma=Shin Akuma
  • Dan Hibiki=Evil Dan
  • Zangief=Street Fighter II CE Zangief
  • Dhalsim=Street Fighter II CE Dhalsim
  • Sakura=Evil Sakura
  • Balrog=Street Fighter II CE Balrog
  • Vega=Street Fighter II Turbo Vega
  • Guile=Street Fighter II CE Guile
  • E.Honda=Street Fighter II CE E.Honda
  • Blanka=Street Fighter II CE Blanka
  • Yun=Super Street Fighter IV Yun
  • Cody=Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cody

Alternate EX Characters in SFA2 Special System Type

  • Ryu=Street Fighter 1 Ryu (Minus the terrible physics)
  • Ken=Violent Ken
  • Chun-Li=Super Street Fighter II Chun-Li
  • Akuma=Cyber Akuma
  • Dan Hibiki=Perfect Dan 
  • Sakura=Versus Series Sakura
  • Vega=Super Street Fighter II Turbo Vega


  • Arcade
  • Versus
  • Dramatic Battle
  • Survival
  • Dramatic Versus
  • Dramatic Survival
  • Training
  • Special Battle (Fight the low energy versions of characters)

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