Newest Version Of "Pumpkin Zone" & Themes Of (Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins)


Star 1: Graveyard Shifters Of The Vampire

Mario must get through the graveyard and the brick fortresses to the power star behind the vampire-like enemy "Kurokyura" with the bat-like enemies the "Minikyuras".

Secret Star 1: Cemetery Contrary

Mario must find sling star that was hidden in the torch, star spin to put the fire out to make it appear and to sling you to the another planet to get 5 silver stars to make the power star appear.

Star 2: Tombstone Situation

Mario must get to the tombstone area to star spin 5 tombstones to make a pattern and to solve the puzzle by connecting the lines both ways by 2 to connect to make the power star appear.

Secret Star 2: Underwater Star Path

Mario must find a secret on that spooky hill to the underwater gravesite to get to the power star.

Star 3: Big Boo House Of Boos

Mario must get through the house of boos to the power star in front of the door.

Secret Star 3: Pipe To Mushroom Land

Mario must find hidden pipe in the secret path, Mario must turn into Bunny Mario to float to the secret path to the hidden pipe to another planet to get on the mushroom platforms to the power star without falling into the ground.

Star 4: Sabasa The Magic Witch

Mario must defeat the evil magic witch "Sabasa".

Secret Star 4: Coin Collecting Catastrophe

Mario must find the pipe that will lead him to a launch star to launch yourself to the planet, challenge the promising outlaw that he can collect 200 coins in 1 minute the outlaw will reward you with a power star.

Speedy Comet (Red): Graveyard Shifters Speed Run

Mario must beat "Graveyard Shifters Of The Vampire" in under 2 minutes.

Daredevil Comet (White): Sabasa Daredevil Run

Mario must defeat "Sabasa" with 1 point of health.

Cosmic Comet (Blue): Cosmic Mario Race In Big Boo House Of Boos

Mario must get to the power star before Cosmic Mario.

Fast-Foe Comet (Yellow): Fast-Foes In Big Boo House Of Boos

Mario must avoid fast-foe enemies threw boos house and to the power star.

Purple Comet (Purple): Purple Coins To The Graveyard

Mario must collect 100 purple coins in under 4 minutes.

Combo Comet (Pink): Kyororo's And J Son

Mario must defeat 50 Kyororo's and 50 J Son in under 5 minutes.

Flash Comet (Orange): Flash Beyond The Grave

Mario must find the power star threw the dark in the grave wait for the flash.

Green Comet (Green): Green Stars

  • Green Star 1
  • Green Star 2
  • Green Star 3
  • Green Star 4
  • Green Star 5
  • Green Star 6
  • Green Star 7
  • Green Star 8
  • Green Star 9
  • Green Star 10
  • Green Star 11
  • Green Star 12
  • Green Star 13
  • Green Star 14
  • Green Star 15


  • Sabasa

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