Soulcalibur vs Tekken is an upcoming game where two of Namco's fighting games cross over to do battle. This is a unique game because it has two series crossing over that share the same company. This game is for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One,PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360


The gameplay from both companies is merged into one perfect glob of fighting game holiness. The 3D gameplay is present for this game. The use of weapons is available for both companies (which can be equiped onto characters in the advanced customization mode). There is a new feature called Wrath Mode, where if a person has less than 10% of vitality they can activate it and the character shall glow black and be immune to all weapon hits and have increased damage (20-30% based on how low vitality is) for 10 seconds.

Soul Calibur Characters

  1. Siegfried Schtauffen
  2. α Patroklos
  3. Heishiro Mitsurugi
  4. Cassandra Alexandra
  5. Hilde
  6. Edge Master
  7. Kilik
  8. Maxi
  9. Xiba
  10. Natsu
  11. Z.W.E.I.
  12. Seong Mi-na
  13. Yun-seong
  14. Amy Sorel
  15. Rock
  16. Zasalamel
  17. Yoshimitsu (SC)
  18. Dampierre
  19. Algol
  20. Hwang
  21. Li-Long
  22. Olcadan
  23. Aeon Calcos
  24. Pyrrha Ω
  25. Sophitia Alexandra
  26. Cervanters De Leon
  27. Pyrrha Alexandra
  28. Nightmare
  29. Xianghua
  30. Taki
  31. Talim
  32. Viola
  33. Elysium
  34. Setsuka
  35. Leixia
  36. Voldo
  37. Astaroth
  38. Inferno
  39. Charade
  40. Raphael Sorel
  41. Ivy Valentine
  42. Tira
  43. Miser
  44. Patroklos Alexandra
  45. Night Terror

Tekken Characters

  1. Lars Alexandersson
  2. Alisa Bosconovitch
  3. Jin Kazama
  4. Lee Chaolan
  5. Kazuya Mishima
  6. Nina Williams
  7. Asuka Kazama
  8. Bob Richards
  9. Julia Chang
  10. Yoshimitsu (TK)
  11. Raven
  12. Marshall Law
  13. Paul Phoenix
  14. Jack-6
  15. Lei Wulong
  16. King
  17. Leo Kliesen
  18. Hwoarang
  19. Steve Fox
  20. Jun Kazama
  21. Wang Jinrei
  22. Heihachi Mishima
  23. Kuma
  24. Jinpachi Mishima
  25. Mokujin
  26. Roger Jr.
  27. Feng Wei
  28. Forest Law
  29. Eddy Gordo
  30. Bruce Irvin
  31. Baek Doo San
  32. Armor King
  33. Kunimitsu
  34. Alex
  35. Angel
  36. Gun Jack
  37. Ling Xiaoyu
  38. Zafina
  39. Miguel
  40. Miharu Hirano
  41. Panda
  42. Anne Williams
  43. Craig Marduk
  44. Sergei Dragunov
  45. Ganryu
  46. Christie Monteiro
  47. Bryan Fury
  48. Eliza
  49. True Ogre
  50. Ancient Ogre
  51. Azazel
  52. Combat
  53. Lili Rochefort
  54. Kinjin
  55. Tetsujin
  56. P.Jack
  57. Roger Jr.

Guest Characters

  1. Sora (from Kingdom Hearts III, All Consoles exclusive)
  2. Riku (from Kingdom Hearts III,All Consoles exclusive)
  3. Noctis (from Final Fantasy XV, All Consoles exclusive)
  4. Crash Bandicoot (from Crash Bandicoot series, All Consoles exclusive)
  5. Coco Bandicoot (from Crash Bandicoot series, All Consoles exclusive)
  6. Gon (from Gon Series,All Consoles exclusive)
  7. Goku (from Dragonball Series,All Consoles exclusive)
  8. Vegeta (from Dragonball Series,All Consoles exclusive)

Boss Character

  1. Genesis (Final boss)

Game Modes

  1. Arcade Mode: Playthrough with rival fights, prologues, endings and rival fight interludes. There are one or two rival fights for each player.
  2. Local/Online Multiplayer (2on2, 3on3, and handicap): Play against opponent(s) local or online.
  3. Titan Mode: This is an online multiplayer where 8 fighters fight and the team captains (the first ones to join the lobby) pick their three teammates and each corresponding member fights until it one team captain dies.
  4. Ghost Battle: A game mode where characters go through ranks as they earn money and fight opponents.
  5. Training: An elaborate mode to improve your fighting skills and simulate extreme battles.
  6. Spectator Mode: This allows you to watch fights with stipulations and characters chosen by you.
  7. Gallery: View endings, prologues, concept art, interludes, and bios.
  8. Option: Change settings for the ultimate fighting experience.

Destined Battles & Fight Your Rivals

Heishiro Mitsurugi vs.Kazuya Mishima

Kilik vs.Jin Kazama

Maxi vs.Marshall Law

Siegfried Schtauffen vs.Lars Alexandersson

Cervantes De Leon vs.Heihachi Mishima

Taki vs.Raven

Raphael Sorel vs.Lee Chaolan.

Charade vs.Mokujin

Voldo vs.Sergei Dragunov

Natsu vs.Kunimitsu

Tira vs.Lei Wulong

Pyrrha Alexandra(Pyrrha Ω) vs.Lili Rochefort

Yun-Seong vs.Hwoarang

Aeon Calcos vs.Kuma

Nightmare vs.Jinpachi Mishima

Xianghua vs.Ling Xiaoyu

Astaroth vs.Craig Marduk

Yoshimitsu(TK) vs.Yoshimitsu(SC)

Li Long vs.Forest Law

Zasalamel vs.Leo Kliesen

Patroklos Alexandra(α Patroklos)vs.Bob Richards

Ivy Valentine vs.Nina Williams

Dampierre vs.Feng Wei

Rock vs.King

Setsuka vs.Zafina

Talim vs.Miharu Hirano

Sophitia Alexandra vs.True Ogre

Edge Master vs.Baek Doo San

Inferno vs.Angel

Hilde vs.Anne Williams

Viola vs.Alex

Olcadan vs.Combat

Algol vs.Azazel

Elysium vs.Eliza

Cassandra Alexandra vs.Ganryu

Z.W.E.L vs.Miguel

Hwang vs.Bryan Fury

Amy Sorel vs.Alisa Bosconovitch

Seong Mi-na vs.Julia Chang


Soul Calibur