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Soulcalibur VI: The Fight for Future's Fate (ソウルキャリバーVI, Sourukyaribā Shikusu) is the long awaited upcoming Fighting game sequel of the Soul series. It will be available for the PlayStation 4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch consoles and the PC.

The game will feature 28 playable characters, which will include 19 characters returning from previous Soulcalibur games, 5 new characters debuting (including the new protagonist for Soulcalibur VI) and 4 Guest characters from other non-Namco games. The story of Soulcalibur VI is centered around the historical events of the Summer Siege of Osaka Castle in 1615, making it 7 years after the events of Soulcalibur V.


"Transcending history...and the world, a tale of souls and swords will once again be told."

After the fall of the Holy Roman Emperor, Graf Dumas, the two legendary swords Soul Edge and Soul Calibur disappeared from the pages of history and vanished without a trace. It seemed that after that fated battle, the world and the civilizations in it were finally safe from the presence and fear of the demonic sword and its "holy" counterpart.

However, 7 years after the fall of Graf Dumas, there is talk that the infamous sword Soul Edge has once again returned, this time in the hands of the Hideyori Toyotomi, the head of the Toyotomi clan that is currently preparing for a decisive battle against the forces of the Tokugawa shogunate. Once they heard the news, many of the warriors in the world, old and new, made the decision to head for Osaka Castle where it is currently under a siege, some with the goal of claiming Soul Edge, while some desire to destroy the sword once and for all.

It is the year 1615, and the battle to decide the fate of the world's future has begun.

Game Menus

Coming sooooooon.


Coming sooooooon.


NOTE OF WARNING (MUST READ): The character roster for this game idea has already been decided so any comments about adding any characters, whether they are from the Soulcalibur series or not, will be ignored. Also, the act of editing a character into the roster for whatever reason will not be tolerated and will very likely result in you receiving a ban. You are free to praise or criticize the decision, but please respect the wishes of the author who made this game idea when it comes to the character roster. With gratitude.

In Soulcalibur VI, there are 28 playable characters to choose from. 19 characters from previous Soulcalibur games return, while 5 new characters make their debut. The roster also has 4 Guest characters with Saber from Fate/stay night appearing in all versions, William Adams from Nioh will be appearing in the PS4 version, Camilla from Fire Emblem: Fates will be playable only in the Nintendo Switch version, while Artorias the Abysswalker from the Dark Souls series will appear as an XBOX One exclusive Guest. The final boss of the game is the only one who is non-playable.

Returning Characters


Birthplace: Ober-Getzenberg, Holy Roman Empire (present-day Germany)

Weapon: Zweihänder (Initial weapon: Requiem)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Unknown

Weapon: Soul Edge (Katana variation) (Initial weapon: Soul Edge)

The infamous wielder of the evil sword, Soul Edge. 7 years ago, under the guise of Graf Dumas, Nightmare intended to once again fill the entire world with darkness. However, he was defeated fighting an army led by Siegfried Schtauffen before he could accomplish his goals. To add insult to injury, Patroklos Alexandra and his sister destroyed both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, sending their essences back into the Astral Chaos. Despite being in a terrible situation, the essences of both swords ended up fusing together thus becoming Soul Embrace.

After a fierce battle against two warriors trapped within the Astral Chaos, Soul Edge escaped through a newly opened portal back into the real world, there it manage to possess a powerful warrior into becoming a new Nightmare. This new Nightmare would continue what the last Nightmare left behind, that is to fulfill the goals of Soul Edge. Nightmare heads for Japan where he kills the head of a powerful samurai clan and taking his identity: Hideyori Toyotomi. Declaring his intent on filling the world in darkness starting with Japan, Nightmare watches from the top of Osaka Castle as the Tokugawa shogunate army, as well as various warriors from across the world, begin to arrive at the castle gates.


Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire (present-day Greece)

Weapon: Sword & Sheild (Initial weapon: Digamma Sword & Nemea Shield)

The sister of the late Sophitia Alexandra and the aunt of Patroklos. 24 years ago on her quest to save her sister, Cassandra was pulled into the Astral Chaos and vanished without a trace. For a long time, Cassandra traversed through the realm all alone, never aging, hoping to find a way home and see her sister. Just as she was beginning to lose hope, she encountered a spear-wielding man who claimed to have come from the future and was looking for the evil spirit that resided in Soul Edge in order to destroy it. Despite personally thinking of the man's claims to be crazy at first, Cassandra accepted the offer of teaming up with him, together they continued walking through the Astral Chaos. Despite being unable to reach their goal, Cassandra and the man enjoyed each other's company and eventually began developing a romantic relationship with each other.

Eventually, both Cassandra and spear-wielding man encountered Soul Edge, the spirit Inferno had been unified with Soul Edge's opposite holy counterpart, Soul Calibur. Cassandra and her partner clashed  with Inferno in a battle that was long and furious. On the verge of losing, Inferno opened up a portal to escape through and it ended up taking the Cassandra's partner with it, leaving her all alone again. Cassandra cried out in despair, cursing fate over and over again for taking everything she cared about away from her. During this period of loneliness, an old man by the name of Edge Master appeared before her along with a doorway back to the real world.

"He will need your help." Edge Master said.

Realizing that her partner was beyond that doorway and that she can finally be reunited with her family, Cassandra (with Edge Master's assistance) finally returned to the real world, but so much time had passed since she disappeared all those years ago...


Birthplace: Bizen province, Japan

Weapon: Katana (Initial weapon: Muichimonji)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: London, British Empire (present-day England, United Kingdom)

Weapon: Snake Sword (Initial weapon: Valentine)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Valencia, Spanish Empire (present-day Spain)

Weapon: Longsword & Pistol (Initial weapon: Acheron & Nirvana)

He was Cervantes, the pirate who formerly wielded the evil sword Soul Edge. It has been some time since he became human again, he continued his life as a pirate, making sure everyone knew that they would remember his name. But fate had decided to finally be cruel with him, whether it was because of his actions as the wielder of Soul Edge or as a pirate, Cervantes did not know, but as he was plundering numerous settlements by the sea, he was infected with an illness.

Cervantes discovered that he was going to die from this illness and immediately began to seek out a way in order to prevent it from happening. At the same time, news of Soul Edge wielded by a new Nightmare in Japan had spread, eventually reaching Cervantes. An idea then formed in the pirate's mind, if he could obtain Soul Edge, it would prevent him succumbing to his illness. And so, Cervantes sailed east, determined to obtain the evil sword he once possessed before.


Birthplace: Shuri, Ryūkyū Kingdom (present-day Okinawa)

Weapon: Nunchaku (Initial weapon: Soryuju)

A man who once walked the path of vengeance, Maxi was cursed due to a shard of Soul Edge lodged inside his body, but with the help of Edge Master he was able to suppress its evil influence fully. 7 years ago, Edge Master tasked Maxi into giving Kilik's son, Xiba, the Kali-Yuga staff so that it could be used to save Kilik from suffering a dark fate. Despite searching far and wide, the whereabouts of Maxi's old friend was still a mystery.

With no trace of Kilik to be found and Xiba, Leixia and Natsu starting to feel fatigue from their journey, Maxi decided to take them to his home to rest up. But as he returned, Maxi learned that the Japanese launched an invasion of the Ryūkyū Islands some time ago and many of Maxi's old friends when he grew up there (including a prominent general of kingdom's army) had been slain by a foreign warrior wielding a cross spear. Enraged that many friends have been taken away from him again, a vengeful desire that once filled his mind completely had returned once more. 


Birthplace: Unknown 

Weapon: Giant Axe (Initial weapon: Kulutues)

It had been 7 years since this Astaroth was created by the Fygul Cestemus along with many others, he was present during the battle that led to the downfall of the Holy Roman Emperor, Graf Dumas. After Graf Dumas was defeated, Astaroth was summoned back by the Fygul Cestemus, there he remained and ordered to sleep while the cult began preparing to make an updated series of more Astaroths. During this time, a mysterious voice that sounded oddly familiar to own called for him to betray his master while he dreamt.

He awoke a year ago by the cult, who informed him that a new Nightmare has risen in Japan and that they wish to send him to Osaka Castle and assist the wielder of Soul Edge. Although they did not explain to him why, Astaroth nonetheless travelled to the Far East, and as he got closer to his destination, his conscience began to consider something else other than what his masters ordered him to do...

One can only wonder what kind of rampage this Astaroth will soon be unleashing.


Birthplace: Multiple due to his ability to reincarnate

Weapon: Scythe (Initial weapon: Kafziel)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Mount Fuji, Japan (Apparently)

Weapon: Dual Katana & Sashimono (Initial weapon: Yoshimitsu & Fu-Ma Blade)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Palermo, Kingdom of Naples (present-day Italy)

Weapon: Dual Jamadhar Katars (Initial weapon: Manas & Ayus)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: n/a

Weapon: Dual Axes (Initial weapon: Ktinous & Anthropos)

Note: There are three versions of the Lizardman depending on the "costume" you pick (Aeon Calcos, Dilios and a minion Lizardman)

During his search for the flesh of holy warriors, Aeon Calcos stumbled upon a surviving group of Lizardmen from the time they were experimented and turned into the monsters they've become alongside Aeon by the Fygul Cestemus cult. He tells his fellow Lizardmen that in order to regain their sanity, they must feast on the flesh of warriors. For 7 years, Aeon lead this group Lizardmen, devouring many people who were unfortunate to come across them. Within time though, the words that Aeon said would become non-existent as they began enjoying their devouring of humans.

Some time ago, one of these Lizardmen, Dilios, suddenly regained his sanity. As he despaired seeing how Aeon had turned all his friends into savages by eating people, Dilios decided that he will save his friends and make Aeon pay for what he made them do. Aeon eventually learns that a new Nightmare has appeared along with Soul Edge in Japan and announces to the other Lizardmen that he will ally with him. As Dilios joins the others on their journey for Osaka Castle, he begins to form a plan.


Birthplace: Come now, you should know where Dampierre & Co. is located already.

Weapon: Preposterous! To accuse me of carrying a concealed dagger within me.

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire (present-day Greece)

Weapon: Sword & Shield (Initial weapon: Stigma Sword & Arcadia Sheild)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Izumo province, Japan

Weapon: Dual Kodachi (Initial weapon: Kuzukiri & Awayūki)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Luoyang, Ming Empire (present-day China)

Weapon: Jian (Chinese sword) (Initial weapon: Yi Zhan Qin)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Ming Empire (present-day China)

Weapon: Rod (Initial weapon: Kali-Yuga)

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Fu-Ma no Sato, Japan

Weapon: All female character weapons

Story coming soon.


Birthplace: Unknown

Weapon: All male character weapons

Story coming soon.

New Characters


Birthplace: Unknown (presumably from Europe, but that's only a guess)

Weapon: Spear (Initial weapon: Nagareboshi)

6 years ago, he was found unconscious with a cross spear at his side on the shores of Kagoshima by the samurai of the Shimazu clan. When he woke up, it was discovered that he had amnesia, the only thing he could remember was his name, Edgar, and how to fight. His spearmanship was incredibly impressive, in fact so impressive that the lord of the Shimazu clan took an interest in him. With nothing to do, Edgar decided to help the Shimazu clan with many tasks, yet he was still unable to remember how and why he was here.

As news of the Tokugawa shogunate launching an attack on Hideyori Toyotomi reached Satsuma, many rumors of what was going on at Osaka Castle began to spread. Edgar overheard one of these rumors, where it is said that the current leader of the Toyotomi was in possession of a sword called "Soul Edge".


Upon hearing and saying those words, a memory came back to Edgar: He fought someone before, and that someone also used a sword bearing the name Soul Edge. A revelation soon hit Edgar as he finally remembered what Soul Edge was and looked like. Without warning, Edgar grabbed his spear Nagareboshi and prepared to head for Osaka Castle where a decisive battle was about to occur.


Birthplace: Unknown (possibly Persia)

Weapon: Dual-bladed sword (Initial weapon: Alsaalihin)

A female warrior who is a member of the Sons of Ninurta, a secret group of soldiers whose main dedicative purpose is to protect the peace of the Middle-Eastern kingdoms from the shadows. Recently, the Shah of the Safavid Empire had ordered an assault in its northern borders against the neighbouring small kingdoms and Nezha was sent to investigate these events.

However, when she arrived there, Nezha discovered that a Malfested outbreak had occurred in one of the monasteries that was destroyed. There were some documents inside that survived the battle, revealing that the Fygul Cestemus, a notorious cult that were enemies of the Sons of Ninurta, were responsible for the Malfested going out of control or falling ill, Nezha also learned from the doucments that the evil sword, Soul Edge, had returned and that the Fygul Cestemus has made contact with the new Nightmare in Japan. Knowing that nothing good would come out of this unholy alliance, Nezha makes the decision to head for Japan, determined to put a stop to whatever the Fygul Cestemus is planning.


Birthplace: Tsardom of Russia (present-day Russia)

Weapon: Halberd (Initial weapon: Zhelezo Volk)

Alexander is a dedicated and faithful royal knight of the Tsardom of Russia who was rewarded for his services in restoring peace to the land two years ago as the House of Romanov took the throne as the new rulers of Russia. However, chaos is resides throughout the land as it is currently suffering from an unexpected outbreak of Malfested, Alexander has spent these last two years trying to maintain order and prevent the Malfested from causing any more chaos.

As the issue of the Malfested outbreak shows no sign of subsiding, the House of Romanov receive word that the infamous sword, Soul Edge, has once again returned and is currently in Japan. The royal family come to the conclusion that Soul Edge is the reason behind the outbreak and task Alexander with going to Japan and destroy the evil sword. Alexander wiliingly accepts, wishing nothing more than to end the suffering and travesty that still rampages in his homeland.


Birthplace: Shinano province, Japan

Weapon: Kusarigama (Initial weapon: Onitsume)

Sasuke is a ninja who is loyal to the Sanada clan and serves under Sanada Nobushige (Yukimura), He is considered one of the greatest ninjas of his time as he continues to help his lord fight against the Tokugawa shogunate.

However, Sasuke now feels that his lord siding with the Toyotomi wasn't such a great idea, his suspicions proven correct when it was discovered that the head of the Toyotomi, Hideyori, was none other than Nightmare, the wielder of Soul Edge. As the Summer Siege of Osaka Castle begins to reach its climax, a secret letter from his lord's older brother, Nobuyuki, is given to Sasuke:

"Nightmare must be slain for the sake of humanity, not just our country."

At that moment, Sasuke's mind was made up as he came to a bitter decision. 


Birthplace: Hidden City of Teoxihuitl, New Spain (present-day Mexico)

Weapon: Club (Initial weapon: Quauhtli)

Tenoch is a large warrior from the city of Teoxihuitl, a hidden refuge that is unknown to the Spanish for people who are remnants of what was once the Aztec Empire. For many years, the leaders of Teoxihuitl have tried to find many ways to drive out the Spanish from their homeland and restore the Aztecs to their former glory, but to no avail.

One day, news reaches to the people of Teoxihuitl that Soul Edge has returned, and the leaders suddenly embrace the idea of wanting to use the sword so that the Aztecs can have a better future. As the strongest warrior of his tribe, Tenoch was chosen to embark on this task. Determined to obtain Soul Edge for his homeland and people, Tenoch ventures out into the unknown.

Guest Characters

SABER (Exclusive in all versions)

Birthplace: Britain

Weapon: Excalibur (Initial weapon: Excalibur)

Story coming soon.

WILLIAM ADAMS (Exclusive only in the PS4 version)

Birthplace: Gillingham, England

Weapon: Katana & Guardian Spirit (Initial weapon: Nioh's Tachi & Saoirse)

Formerly a sailor of the English army, William is now a samurai under the service of the Tokugawa shogunate, he has travelled around the world alongside his spirit companion Saoirse. 15 years ago, Saoirse was kidnapped by an evil alchemist and William pursued them all the way to Japan. Upon seeing the country infested with Yokai, William quickly adapted how to fight like a samurai and slay Yokai. He eventually defeated the alchemist and rescued Saoirse.

As the Osaka Campaign continues, William discovers that Hideyori Toyotomi is in possession of an evil sword that feasts on human souls for power called Soul Edge. Knowing that Hideyori is not just a threat to Japan, but to the entire world where humans and spirits are in danger of the sword's wrath, William ventures to Osaka Castle with the goal of putting an end to Hideyori, who has now become the new Nigthmare.

ARTORIAS THE ABYSSWALKER (Exclusive only in the XBOX One version)

Birthplace: Unknown

Weapon: Great Sword (Initial weapon: Greatsword of Artorias)

Story coming soon.

CAMILLA (Exclusive only in the Nintendo Switch version)

Birthplace: Windmire, Kingdom of Nohr

Weapon: Axe (Initial weapon: Wyvern Axe)

Story coming soon.



Birthplace: Astral Chaos

Weapon: Soul Edge (Completed True Form)

The absolute form of Inferno. It is all that stands in the way of a world without Soul Edge as it prepares to create an eternal age of darkness.


List of stages in Soulcalibur VI. (Still under construction)

1 ??? Kagoshima, Satsuma province, Japan
2 Hestia Shrine - Goddess's Altar Greece, Ottoman Empire
3 Destroyed Monastery Kingdom of Kakheti, Georgia
4 Ruins of the Serpent God New Spain
5 ??? London, Kingdom of England
6 ??? Holy Roman Empire
7 ??? ???
8 ??? ???
9 ??? ???
10 Temple of Karna - Hall of Warriors India
11 Jiegeng Valley Palace Garden Ming Empire, China
12 Proving Grounds Himalaya Mountains, Tibet
13 Lakeside Coliseum Somewhere in Italy
14 Sakai Harbor Sakai, Izumi province, Japan
15 Tennouji Battlefield Osaka Castle, Settsu province, Japan
16 Osaka Castle - Castle Grounds Osaka Castle, Settsu province, Japan
17 Osaka Castle - Main Keep Osaka Castle, Settsu province, Japan
18 Astral Chaos Astral Chaos


Coming sooooooon.

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