Sonic the Hedgehog: Chaos Unleashed is the working title of a fan-made game about Sonic the Hedgehog. This game is rumored to have multiple playable characters with their own story. The game is scheduled to a 2014 release.


The current characters that are playable are the following:

Sonic the Hedgehog: His normal style of gameplay. His story is rumored to be about going through his own problem: turning evil.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Similar to Sonics, but the story is different. Shadow discovers a dark secret about his past: He was not the only hedgehog on the ARK.

Onda the Chao: Onda is only a 2 month old Chao. When young, Odna was "found" by a known villain. Onda is an abused, dark chao that doesn't understand his purpose. He gets kidnapped by Eggman for an experiment, and gets the chance Onda had been waiting for. His gamestyle varies.

More Information

As you can tell, some levels wil be repetitive, but not all. And if they do have the same level, it may not be the same way. I do plan on having each character fighting eachother as their journey intertwines. Throughout the game, as well, there will be form changes.

I will update this as it comes along.

Help Needed

Now I am trying to come up with three more characters. Currently i have decided Espio, Metal Sonic, and Tails, but I want input on everything. Especially ideas for three more characters.


  • As of now, Knuckles is not a playable character, but has a big role in the game.
  • Onda changes his form toward the beginning of his story, which strangely starts toward the end of Sonic's story.
  • Mystic Ruins and Angel Island will make their return, both as levels.
  • ARK will return, but rebuilt by Eggman.

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