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Ashura the Hedgehog (Ash for short) is a character whose only appearance and debut was in Sonic the Fighters 2.


Ashura is a 17-year-old anthropomorphic hedgehog whose figure is classified as "a neo-green-black hedgehog with the front of his body being black, and the back being green... Henceforth, he is the Neo Hedgehog". Ashura has red eyes, is slighty (if not) taller than Sonic, has spiky hair in the front and "combed?" down on the back, and wears black studded gloves. His shoes are also black, with silvery tints on them and white spikes on the top of the footwear.


Ashura is personally an evil character, due to always wanting ultimate power and has a sharp tongue. He thinks of his enemies as "absolute trash", and has a horrid habit of screaming uncontrollably... Don't come anywhere near this monster!

The hedgehog also has no obvious opinions towards those such as Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic, only seeing them as true allies.

According to his StF2 backstory, it has been depicted that Ashura was actually a well-behaved child in the past, but had been affected by a virus that made him grow physically, but weakened his mentality and overall memories.



  • Spin Dash: Ashura rolls into a ball and starts revving up in order to go faster. One difference between his and other users is that after performing the ability, Ashura leaves blackish afterimages that seem to cause a hazard to the enemy.
  • Bad Breath: Ashura has the ability to cough out poisonous air and send it towards enemies.
  • Whirlwind: Ashura spins around in a tornado-esque object that can either bring in enemies, bring them out, or can immediately hurl the tornado at opponents... Can also be used on inanimate stuff.
  • Lightspeed Sprint: Ashura enters a "powering up stance" and then immediately dashes in an unpredictable speed range that seems to be greater than Sonic's. This ability can both dash in on rings and attack opponents.
  • Healing Factor: Ashura seems to be able to regenerate whenever taking serious damage in battle. However, this only works whenever it is nighttime.


In other media


  • Ashura has a cameo in Sonic Adventure 3, whilst voiced by Fumiko Orikasa and Brianne Siddall in Japanese and English, respectively
  • Ashura does appear to have a super form, but it's not generally his own; he copies any super form he notices after witnessing the power.

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