Sonic The Hedgehog 64 is a platforming Video Game for the Nintendo 64. It is the First Sonic Game to be released on a Nintendo console instead of a Sega Console. It is also the Only Sonic Game Not to be Developed by Sega.

Developed by: Rareware

Published by: Nintendo

Release Date: Febuary 18, 1997

Platforms: Nintendo 64


Dr. Robotnik wants Revenge on Sonic after losing the Championship in Sonic R, Now he's kidnapped all the animals amd stolen the Chaos Emeralds ahain and now it's up to Sonic to Save the animals and Collect the 120 Chaos Emeralds.


The Gameplay is simillar to Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, the player controls Sonic by moving the Control stick. The player can also make Sonic Jump by pressing the A Button, to SpinDash, Hold down B, to release the SpinDash, let go of the B Button. To do Homing Attack, press A while in Mid-Air when Enimies are close.


Sonic The Hedgehog 64 recived  Generally Positive Reviews. ING gave the game an 8/10 GameStop gave it a 9.5/10.

Easter Eggs

In Sonic's House, A Michael Jackson HIStory World Tour Poster is seen on Sonic's Wall in The Bedroom.

In Creepy Cave Zone, Boxart of Mario Kart 64 is seen in the Backround on a rock.

In Mushroom Hill Zone, Mario and Lugi are seen sitting on a Mushroom in the Backround.

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