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Sonic Heroes 2 is the sequal to Sonic Heroes available for the Wii U, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 same as precessors, but now includes improved graphics, new teams, and more.


At the Title Screen, you can now select to either enable Auto-Save or not.

  • 1P Mode: Story Mode, Tutorial, Hard Mode, Misson Mode
  • 2P Mode: Ouick Race, Battle
  • Minigame Mode: 40 Minigames
  • Extras: CG Theater, Sound Room, Option

Teams (Characters)

  • Team Sonic: Sonic (Speed), Tails (Flight), Knuckles (Power)
  • Team Dark: Shadow (Speed), Rouge (Flight), E-123 Omega (Power)
  • Team Rose: Amy (Speed), Cream & Cheese (Flight), Big (Power)
  • Team Chaotix: Espio (Speed), Charmy, (Flight), Vector (Power)
  • Team Future: Blaze (Speed), Marine, (Flight), Silver (Power)
  • Team Emerald: Shade (Speed), Tikal (Flight), Chaos (Power)
  • Team Babylon: Jet (Speed), Wave (Flight), Storm (Power)
  • Team Honey: Honey (Speed), Ray (Flight), Mighty (Power)
  • Team Hooligan: Fang (Speed), Bean (Flight), Bark (Power)
  • Team Metal: Metal Sonic (Speed), EggRobo (Flight), Metal Knuckles (Power)
  • Team Skypatrol: Fockewulf (Speed), Carrotia (Flight), Bearenger (Power)


World 1: Beach World (Green Emerald)

  • Seaside Shores
  • Sunshine Town
  • Cliffside Castle
  • Boss: Egg Shark
  • Special Stage 1

World 2: City World (Blue Emerald)

  • Techno Highway
  • Electro Station
  • Casino Heights
  • Boss: Team Sonic vs. Team Rose, Team Dark vs. Team Future, Team Chaotix vs. Team Emerald, Team Babylon vs. Team Honey, Team Hooligan vs. Team Skypatrol
  • Special Stage 2

World 3: Jungle World (Yellow Emerald)

  • Vineswing Jungle
  • Foggy Lake
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Special Stage 3

World 4: Snow World (Cyan Emerald)

  • Snow Hill
  • Frozen Glacier
  • Eggman's Secret Hideout
  • Boss: Egg Flamethrower
  • Special Stage 4

World 5: Haunted World (Purple Emerald)

  • Forbidden Wasteland
  • Moonlight Mansion
  • Mansion Basement
  • Special Stage 5

World 6: Mountain World (Red Emerald)

  • Rail Mountain
  • Crystal Cave
  • Magma Peak
  • Special Stage 6

World 7: Space World (White Emerald)

  • Launch Base
  • Neo Egg Fleet
  • Neo Final Fortress
  • Boss: Neo Egg Robot
  • Special Stage 7

World X: Extra World

  • Boss: Eggman Nega


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