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Sonic Collection Wii (was originally localized as Sonic Power Pack, but once they though of a better name, it was changed and scrapped) (ソニックGCコレクションSonikku GC korekushon, lit. Sonic GC Collection) is a compilation of 6 Sonic games. Part of the New Play Control! series.


  • Sonic Adventure DX ( Remastered music )
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle ( Remastered music )
  • Sonic Heroes ( added with chaos garden and new team added with Silver and Blaze and Mighty )
  • Sonic 06 (no glitches)
  • Shadow the hedgehog the video game 
  • Sonic generations ( added modern hyper sonic and classic hyper sonic )


Wii-Wii U connectivity

If you play this game (Wii Optical Disc) on the Wii U, you get to play the game in HD format. This will start the"Wii-Wii U HD enhancement manuver".


  • The game will be similar to kingdom hearts 1.5 HD remix because its remastered and its HD.
  • Sonic heroes also has remastered music in it also.
  • 1 new secret boss was added in Sonic Adventure 2 battle.
  • Silver the hedgehog is now added in Sonic Adventure 2 battle in the game.