Mario and the princess want to see shooting stars BUT Bowser's Airship Fleet attacks and the princess is kidnapped AGAIN!!! Mario finds young master luma during the attack and is sent into space to get that monster!

After many galaxys mario and bowser get into a big battle which results in bowser falling into a black hole

The princess is saved as the black hole explodes.


World 1

Grassy Greens Galaxy

Gomboss Battle

First Planet:

Just make your way through the goombas. Try to collect some coins

2nd Planet:

Here try not to get pushed off the edge by a moving platform

Comet Medal:

Backflip off a moving platform to get it

Also, the 2nd and 3rd moving platforms have octogoombas.

3rd Planet:

This planet is rather spread out

collect the five star chips to move on

1: Right in front of you

2: On the bridge

3: On top of the hill near the bridge

4: Under the bridge

5: Inside a goomba on the other hill

4th Planet

Make your way to the top and fall down the chute

5th Planet

go to the boss arena

Boss: Gomboss

Throws Goombas

Spin him and run into him 3 times

After the 2nd time he throws more goombas and moves faster.

Red coins in the Grassy Greens::

Takes place on a spread out planet

1: on the starting platform

2: On top of another platform

3: Get yoshi from a platform and fire a spiny at the thing

4: Use yoshi's blimp ability

5 and 6: Use the yoshi flowers to get to them

7: Inside another cage that requires yoshi

8: Inside a area reached by warp pipe

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

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