Smashy! is the unofficial name of the colossal game of questing,role-playing and empire building.

Every game starts with world generating.

Temp. Freezing Cold Chilly Temperate Warm Hot Burning (Tropical)
Civ's&People Desolate Tribal Ancient Medieval Developing Industrial Modern Apocalypse
Ppl Attitude Moldable Naive Stupid Normal Firm Stubborn Foolish Unmoldable
Resources Inhospitable Livable Rough Normal Easy Plentiful Heavenly ----------------

When you start the game it plays like any other,with you thrust into the shoes of a foolhardy adventurer.You can quest and kill monsters like you would in any other game,however you will soon find there is a whole new layer of gameplay.


Swaying the People

The first thing you want to do in order to start an empire is to persuade the people.You can do this by questing for people,bribing them,or leading them to something they want. (For example,leading a tundra tribe to a tropical city)

They will then become followers.Gather as many followers as you can,preferrably young men capable of fighting.

However they can't wander forever,unlike you.They need a home,and that's where you come in.

There are 3 ways to get them one,listed here-


The simplest way to get your villagers a home is to build one.You can either destroy another village for material,or mine and chop it yourself.You can commision followers to do it or do it yourself like so.

1.Obtain a good (Iron or better) pick and woodcutter's axe (Or the Raider's Pickaxe) and a Carpenter's Hammer.

2.Get materials.Ransack villages or harvest material.Here is a list of the 4 resources of each Civ.

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