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This is a little page for character ideas that you think should be in Super Smash Bros. . I have a template made below so other users get a good idea of your character, but you don't have to use it. When you make a character, simply edit the page and put your character under "Character Ideas", then sign your username afterwards. Don't make offensive comments on other people's ideas!!!


Name: (Your Nintendo or Third Party character's name)

Origin: (What series or game they are from)

Weight: (Very Heavy, Heavy, Medium, Light, Very Light)

A attacks in general: (What do they attack with, and how do they do it?)

Up +B attack: (Special Jump)

Side +B: (Side Special)

Down +B: (Down Special Attack; ussualy defensive)

B: (Simple Special Attack)

Final Smash: (Their Final Smash; explanation is not required)

Part in Subspace Emissary: ( What is the most important thing they do? )

Alt. Costume: (Think of Wario's Mario costume; Optional)

Have a Clone Character: (Optional) (Ex: Fox & Falco)

Character Ideas

Name: Isaac

Origin: Golden Sun

Weight: Medium-Light

A Attacks: Slash and Jab with long sword.

Up + B Attack: Gust - The Djinn Gust flies you higher

Side + B : Spire - A sharp rock is horizontaly thrown

Down + B : Quake - A miniature earthquake throws foes away

B: Earthquake - A earthquake travels a short distance and sends foes flying

Final Smash: Summon Flint- Energy comes from the sky and strikes the stage, making debris, foes, and land get thrown into different direction at an unimaginable speed.

Part in Subspace Emissary: Unlockable after completion

Alt. Costume: Ivan; A mind reader and psynergist user in Golden Sun

Have a Clone Character: Yes, Garet

"Dont touch me tacos!!!" BlueSaga (talk) 01:38, October 16, 2013 (UTC)

Name: Tails the Fox

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and others.

Weight: Medium-Light

A Attacks: Fists, feet, and springloaded boxing glove (Big Hand).

Up + B Attack: Super Tail Swipe - Similar to Fox's and Falco's Fire Charge in terms of movements; Tails spins around rapidly and lashes enemies with his tails.

Down + B: Spin Dash - This move works the same as Sonic's; Tails curls up into a ball and zooms forward, damaging enemies who make contact.

Side + B Attack: Dummy Ring Bomb - Causes small accumulating damage and spreads rings on the ground, which can cause slipping.

B Attack: Energy Ball - A ball of electric energy fired from a small cannon that moves slowly, but causes electric damage when it connects.

Final Smash: Cyclone Mech - Summons his mech from Sonic Adventure 2 for 20 seconds.

Part in SSE: Gets separated from Sonic and joins with other characters in an attempt to find him and/or join in with whatever he's trying to do.

White Mage

Origin: Final Fantasy 1+

Weight: Light

A attacks: Hits in different directions with a Mallet.

Up+B : Exit - White Mage is teleported up by a short distance through a shiny light that causes fire damage to those who touch it.

Down B: Wall - A light shines from both sides of White Mage that reduces attack damage and launch distance, but White Mage cannot move until it fades, 8 seconds.

Side B : Dia3 - A light is shot from White Mages Mallet into a medium distance and causes fire damage.

B : Fade - light shines above the nearest character (Within a very short range) and they become transparent, they then are struck with a strong unseen attack (Within 3 seconds).

Final Smash: Holy - All near characters caught in a light (That may cover half the screen) are shown in a cut-scene on a white circle, then they are struck by White lasers from above that do unimaginable, crazy, damage.

Name: Bomberman

Origin: Bomberman

Weight: Medium

A Attacks: Bomb Kicks in different directions

UP B: A bomb appears under him and when it explodes, the impact launches him

Down B: He places a P Bomb on the ground that he can trigger by pressin Down B again

Side B: throws a impact sensative, medium sized, bomb

B : Bomberman uses the Power Gloves to throw characters in his arm's reach.

Final Smash: Diarrhea; The other players drop bombs costintly against their own free will and the bombs will blow up almost instantly, launch the player.

Part in SSE: Looking for Snake in the airship

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