The cover for Sharkman issue 1

Diclaimer: This isn't really a game idea; I'm just showing off a comic series I'm currently creating. It's not famous or anything, but my friends at school love it.

Sharkman is an ongoing comic book series created by me. I started making the series when I was in fourth grade, but I decided to color my comics during my sophomore year in high school. In short, my friends loved that I did them in color.


The series follows the adventures of Sharkman, a mild mannered superhero posing as a famous race car driver in Batsville, his hometown. When he's not racing, he's usually patrolling the city for any crime activity. At th beginning of issues following the first, he is often doing normal things until he is called back to action, usually by another threat or crime in progress.

Main Characters

Sharkman- the main protagonist of the series. His real name is Percy Sharkofski. His origin will be revealed in a later issue that has yet to be made. His powers include flight, a very strong, wide jawline, and lazer vision.

Obbar Terwilleger- the main antagonist of the series. He is a mad scientist who plots world domination and the destruction of his archnemesis, Sharkman. He is a purple squid with a gorilla nose. He wields lazer pistols known as death guns, a jetpack, and artificial octopus tentacles in a secret compartment in his jetpack.

Pepito- a penguin from the zoo and Sjharkman's closest friend. He is often seen aiding Sharkman in his adventures. Though scientifically impossible, he has the ability to fly. Upon his debut, he has been well recieved by fans.


I showed some friends at school my Sharkman comics, and needless to say, they love them. In fact, I was even praised by a representative from the Art Institute of Philadlphia. That gave me all the more motivation to continuie the series.

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