Shadowstaff is an action-adventure game where you play as a wizard tasked with defeating an ancient wizard order, along with his trusty shadowstaff.


Rathman is just a simple wizard at the College of Redeye, until the College is attacked by a group of wizards called the Order of Tal'Vos. He escapes with his trusty shadowstaff, a magic tool every wizard should have. As the Tal'Vos are trying to kill him, he flees to the island of Kell-Thiri.


There are many factions around the world, with different powers. These are the factions you will face.

Order of Tal'vos

They are a cult of wizards who use all sorts of spells against you. They wear black robes and have long hoods. They are in all areas.

Icewind Raiders

The Icewind Raiders were a normal bandit group until their leaders, Vanis Hawkeye, got powers of Cryomancy. He shared his powers among the bandits, creating powerful ice warriors. The bandits use a mix of ice magic and swords against you. They are mainly found in Icewind Peaks.


There are many spells that can be learnt throughout the game out of spellbooks. There are primary spells (R1), secondary spells (R2) and teritary spells (L2). They are separated into 3 branches: Pyromancy, Cryomancy and Aeromancy. Primary and secondary spells require you to hold aim (L1) when using them.

Pyromancy-Primary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Fireball Shoots a ball of fire at enemies. Start with it.
Hellfire Shoots three balls of fire that explode on impact.
Magma Rocket Shoots a ball of magma that explodes shattering into smaller pieces going everywhere.
Pyromancy-Secondary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Flame Blast A flaming shockwave setting enemies on fire.
Ring of Fire Surrounds enemies in a ring of fire, trapping them inside until the fire burns out.
Lava Storm A crack of lava launches itself through the ground at enemies, knocking them into the crack and closing again.
Pyromancy-Teritary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Magma Spike Spikes of molten lava rise from the ground around you.
Molten Shield A shield of lava protecting you against ice and normal attacks.
Cryomancy-Primary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Frostfire Shoots a ball of ice doing damage to enemies.
Ice Beam A beam of frost slowly freezimg enemies.
Hailstorm Launches lots of chunks of ice smashing into enemies.
Cryomancy-Secondary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Blizzard An icy shockwave freezing anyone in its path.

Icicle Strike

A spike of ice rises from the ground and wraps and enemy in ice and freezes them.
Ice Storm A freezing whirlwind of snow engulfs your enemies, slowly doing them damage.
Cryomancy-Teritary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Frost Shield A shield made of ice, protecting you from attacks.
Ice Form Covers you in ice, giving you extra protection.
Aeromancy-Primary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Lightning Bolt A bolt of lightning shocking those in its path.
Chain Lightning A continuous stream of lightning that spreads to other enemies.
Thunder Strike A powerful bolt of lightning rains down from the sky to where you aimed it.
Aeromancy-Secondary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Whirlwind A blast of wind knocking back foes.
Shockwave An electric blast electrifying enemies.
Ravaging Vortex Sends a tornado to rampage around, throwing everyone it gets near flying through the air.
Aeromancy-Teritary Power Where to find it's Spellbook
Wind Launch Launches yourself into the air, with a gust of wind stunning foes around you.
Shadow Mist

Turns yourself into mist for a short while, allowing you to sneak behind enemies.


1.The Order Attacks


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