Savior of the Godz, known as The Gods' Savior (神々の救世主 Kami No kyūseishu) in Japan and North America, is a "hack-and-slash action-adventure beat 'em up" game made by GameCom (now known as AccelGames).



The gameplay takes on a "shooting" style of play. And as a beat 'em up you get to have up to 4 players for playing cooperatively or rivaling at each other! The weapons' attributes and abilities differ, and more become available as you progress through the game (similar to Castle Crashers).


The Japanese and North American versions of the game includes the following censorships:

  • Buddha > Buck
  • Jesus > Fader (based on the Holy spell in the NES game, Final Fantasy)
  • Zeus > Zacker/Zackery
  • Odin > Otis
  • Satan > Devil
  • Jinn the Ifrit > Jade the Hellbeast
  • Imps > Lackies
  • Oni Form > Omega Form

Game Modes

  • Story Mode
    • Local Co-op
    • Online Co-op
  • Challenge Mode
    • Local VS
    • Online VS
  • Leaderboard
  • Medals/Achievements
  • Gallery
  • Options


  • Buddha - Main protagonist and part of the 4 gods who protect the earth. Like the real, mythical Buddha, he can float in similar style as him, like meditating.
  • Jesus - He is part of the 4 gods who protect the earth. He can perform miracles making acting mostly as a healer.
  • Zeus - He is part of the 4 gods who protect the earth. Like the real, mythical Zeus, he can summon thunderbolts even use them as a weapon!
  • Odin - He is part of the 4 gods who protect the earth. A skilled swordsman and a wargod, he acts mostly aa a berserker on the battle field.
  • Satan - The main antagonist of the series.
  • Jinn the Ifrit - Satan's second-in-command.



  • In Gamecom vs. Capcom 2, Zeus and Odin will appear as playable characters for the first time, while Satan, Buddha and Jesus make cameo appearances in one of the stage backgrounds.

Other Info

  • Content Ratings: PEGI - 16), CERO - D, ESRB - M
  • Developed by: AccelGames
  • Published by: AccelGames
  • Directed by: Team ETG
  • Genre: Hack-and-slash action-adventure beat 'em up (1-4 players)
  • Platforms: GigaCom
  • Other Name(s): The Gods' Savior, Saviour of the Godz, The Gods' Saviour

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