In Salvation, the chaos of the post-apocalyptic world has made the facilitation of proper currencies a near-impossible task. Because of this, any sort of community or state of some kind can institute their own monetary policy. The following is a list of known currencies in the Salvation world.

United States

  • Beryl dollar: The currency of Gemini.
  • Kether: The currency of ARIOCH. 
  • Poker cards: The de facto currency of Sanctuary Eden. 

Other trivia

  • Because there are so many differences in monetary policies across the world, a drawback arises in the way that certain money can only be spent in certain places. For example, one cannot use Beryl dollars outside of Gemini. ARIOCH has attempted to solve this problem in the United States with a currency of their own, but so far, this policy has been ineffective. 
  • Former U.S. dollars and coins are often considered objects of historical value due to the institution of new currencies. However, there have been some recorded cases where communities have gotten by using old U.S. money.

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