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SNK vs. Capcom 2: The Final Showdown is the thrilling sequel to SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos. It features almost all of the returning characters from the previous game, despite new graphics illustrated by Eisuke Ogura, a new special attack system, and the ability to play as boss characters be removed. That is Special Boss Character appear is Jin Kazama in Tekken (series) of Namco based when Akuma appear in Tekken 7 is connected to the Street Fighter (series).

List of characters

All fighters from SvC Chaos have returned, but in newer outfits and a different set of moves. ten new characters have been added to the game for each side.

SNK side

  • Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters 2003 Outfit)
  • Iori Yagami (King of Fighters XII Outfit)
  • Terry Bogard (Garou: Mark of the Wolves Outfit)
  • Genjuro Kibagami (Samurai Showdown III Outfit)
  • Shiki (SvC Chaos; Midnight Bliss Outfit)
  • Sie Kensou (King of Fighters XI Outfit)
  • Ryo Sakazaki (King of Fighters XII Outfit)
  • Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters XIII Outfit)
  • Kim Kaphawn (King of Fighters XI Outfit)
  • Mr. Karate/Serious Mr. Karate (King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 Outfit)
  • Kasumi Todoh (King of Fighters XI Outfit)
  • Earthquake (SvC Chaos Outfit)
  • Choi Bounge (CvS 2: Match of the Millennium 2001 Outfit)
  • Joe Higashi (King of Fighters XII Outfit)
  • Andy Bogard (King of Fighters XII Outfit)
  • Kula Diamond (King of Fighters XI Outfit)
  • K' (King of Fighters XIII Outfit)
  • Marspeople (Metal Slug 3 Outfit)
  • Leona Heidern (King of Fighters Neowave Outfit)
  • Ash Crimson (King of Fighters XII Outfit)
  • Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters 2003 Outfit)
  • Whip (King of Fighters XI Outfit)
  • Orochi (King of Fighters 1997 Outfit): Mid-Boss
  • Saiki (King of Fighters XIII Outfit): Mid-Boss
  • Rock Howard (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Outfit): Secret Character
  • Omega Rugal (King of Fighters 2002 UM): Final Boss.

Capcom side

  • Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 3 Outfit)
  • Ken Masters (Super Street Fighter IV Outfit)
  • Chun Li (Street Fighter Alpha Outfit)
  • Guile (Street Fighter IV Outfit; shirtless)
  • Dhalsim (Super Street Fighter IV Outfit)
  • M. Bison (Street Fighter IV Outfit; hatless)
  • Balrog (Street Fighter IV Outfit)
  • Vega (Street Fighter Alpha Outfit; revealed face)
  • Sagat (Street Fighter I Outfit)
  • Akuma (Street Fighter IV Outfit and Tekken 7 Outfit; alternate costume)
  • Hugo (Final Fight Outfit)
  • Tessa (SvC Chaos Outfit)
  • Morrigan/Lilith (Darkstalkers III Outfit)
  • Alex (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
  • Dan Hibiki (Super Street Fighter IV Outfit)
  • Zero (Megaman Zero Outfit)
  • Batsu Ichimonji (Tatsunoko vs Capcom Outfit)
  • Kyosuke Kagami (Rival Schools Outfit)
  • Ibuki (Super Street Fighter IV Outfit)
  • Necro (Street Fighter III: New Generation Outfit)
  • Makoto (Super Street Fighter IV Outfit)
  • Tanden Renki Makoto (Super Street Fighter IV Outfit): Mid-Boss Character
  • Evil Ryu (UDON Comics Outfit): Mid-Boss Character
  • Overload Zero (Original): Secret Character

Special Boss

  • Jin Kazama (Tekken 3): Special Boss.

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