Runaway Spirit is a adventure, puzzle game for the PS3 and PSV.

Important Characters

Nathan - Nathan is a man who died from pneumonia when he left the freezer open during a snowstorm. He woke up faster than most people when they die and he was just a blue orb.
Picture 17
He is a nice guy, yet he was always afraid of death. He runs away from the Grim Reaper and he runs into evil spirits and other reapers.

Will - Will is an old woman who died from a heart attack. She is a veteran reaper hunting down Nathan. She usually tricks souls into leaving Earth, but she doesn't get the chance to with Nathan. She is a wise old lady setting traps for Nathan in lots of places.


Evil Spirits - Evil spirits are spirits that stayed on Earth for to long and went crazy. They are easily led into traps and can get damaged by traps set by Will.

Reapers - All reapers have something different about them from tentacles to controlling elements. They are usually bosses.

Animal Spirits - Animal Spirits are animals that have passed away and are used to track down Spirit Fugitives. They are easily distracted and attack Evil Spirits.

Mirrage - Mirrages are fake images that are meaningful to Nathan. They can get destroyed by something hitting them. They usually cover up enemies.


Every Level with a 0 or 5 at the end of it's level number is a boss level.

Greenland (1-6) - Nathan's house

North America (7-12)

Mexico (13-18)

Madagascar (19-21)

China (22-28)

Japan (29-33)

Africa (34-40)

Iceland (41-48) - Will's house

Spirit Realm (49-50)


This game has Kirby like graphics and gameplay, without absorbing enemies. There are some magical items that will give you power-ups like invincibility, invisibility, and electric spirit.

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