"This isn't Earth anymore. This is hell." - The first words spoken by Rookie.

Rookie is the main playable character and protagonist of Downfall. Rookie is a member of the United States Space Command Marine Corps and is sent to Earth after his home planet, 'Hope' receives a distress signal saying that there is multiple survivors living on Earth after the "Extinction Event" which happened 400 years ago.


Not much is known about Rookie's prior to the events of Downfall. Rookie grew up in State 22, New America and was raised by his single mother. When Rookie finished school he joined the United States Space Command Marine Corps with the ambition to protect people. On July 17, 2513, he was sent to Earth after his planet, 'Hope' received a distress signal from Earth.

During the events of Downfall

Personality and Traits

Rookie In the beginning he is portrayed as a cowardly and vulnerable person, but as the game progresses, Rookie evolves from being a victim to being a hardened survivor.

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