Rise of Nations 2 is the sequel of the famous strategy game Rise of Nations. Just like its prequel, it is projected to be released for Microsoft Windows. Its expansion is supposed to be called Gods and Generals.

Main Menu

  • Training
  • Campaigns
  • Conquests


Standard game

Nation Continent Unique Units Special Skill
Egyptian Northern Africa
  • Amon warrior
  • Ra Priest
  • Osiris Chariot
  • Ptolemaic Chariot
Nile: all Wonders can be built an Epoch before required (ex. Pyramids can be built in Stone Age if played with Egypt, while they require Ancient Age to be built)
Greek Europe
  • Hoplite
  • Peltast
  • Companion Cavalry
Roman Europe
  • Legionnary
  • Pretorian
  • Velite
  • Ballista
  • Gladiator
Babylonian Middle East Tigris:
Persian Middle East
  • Immortal
Viking Europe
  • Berseker
Chinese Far East
  • Chu-ko-nu
Japanese Far East
  • Samurai
  • Ronin
  • Yari Ashigaru
  • Yari cavalry
  • Zero Fighter
Aztec Southern America
  • Jaguar Warrior
Mayan Southern America
  • Atl-atl Warrior
Inca Southern America
  • Viracocha Slinger
Mongolian Far East
  • Keshig
Turkish Middle East
  • Janissary
  • Sipahi
Carthaginian Northern Africa
  • Numidian Cavalry
  • African Elephant
  • Numidian Warrior
  • Lybian Spearman
  • Quinquereme
Celtic Europe
  • Gaul Warrior
  • Pict Warrior
Korean Far East
  • Hwach'a
  • Turtle ship
American Northern America
  • NAVY
  • B-17
  • F-15
  • Minuteman
Russian Europe
  • Cossack
English Europe
French Europe
  • Musketeer
  • Foreign Legion
German Europe
  • Suebii Barbarian
  • Teutonic Knight
  • Panzer
Spanish Europe
  • Conquistador
  • Tercio
Zulu Africa
  • Impi
Indian Middle East
  • Indian Elephant
Nubian Africa

Gods and Generals

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