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Ressha Sentai ToQger X Tekken is a video game created by Microsoft Sudios, Mojang AB, Bandai Namco and Toei. It crosses Ressha Sentai ToQger with Tekken and won several E3 awards.


On Rainbow Line, Ticket announces they will be stopping at the King Of Iron Fist Tournament. The ToQgers get excited because they want to watch their favorite fighters go head to head in battles. Well, the trouble begins the minute Right steps his foot off the train. The guard will not allow them in, mainly becuase they didn't have tickets. All of a sudden Heihachi Mishima comes out, tells the guard to just let them in, and the ToQgers walk in. Just so you know, Kagura in this game is totally scared of Heihachi, so she always sort of runs away from him. When they get their seats, Right gets knocked out of his, because Jin was sitting there (Jin was waiting for his turn to get on the ring). Jin lets the others stay, and Right gets pissed off so much he decides to jump into the ring and deal a punch to Kazuya Mishima, who he is close enemies with. Right gets kicked out of the place, and he walks away, saying, "Kazuya, you're mine next time.". That's when the press start screen zooms and flashes in.

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