This page is dedicated to users' ideas for remaking old games or porting existing games (or game ideas) to other systems so small amounts of text that wiill go into them won't waste space on entire pages.

Epic Saga (App Version)

This port of Epic Saga to the App Store for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad costs $5.00 store credit. The graphics are somewhat worse and the cutscenes use text instead of voice acting. The only playable teams are the Warriors of Apocalypse and The Heroes. Plus, the Beat-em-up style is removed so only the RPG style is available. Otherwise, everything remains intact.

Pokemon Snap 3D

Pokemon Snap 3D basically is like the original but with updated graphics and 3D effects. The premise remains the same: take pictures of Pokemon as well as possible. New features are added in which you can get photos from other 3DS owners via Streetpass. Also, you can play AR Snap where new Pokemon not seen in the main game will appear out of items in the area. Which Pokemon appear will depend on what the 3DS camera is pointed at.

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