The Red Knight is based off of a Little Big Planet 2 level  series that received a MM pick.

LBP2 Level

Main Characters

The Red Knight - you play as the red knight, traveling through kingdoms and forests, to get to the evil wizards castle and save your princess.

The Pink Princess - The pink princess was kidnapped by an evil wizard and it is your duty to save her!

Dark Wizard - The Dark Wizard kiddnapped the Pink Princess and took her to his far away castle. It is up to you to slay him and save the poor princess.


The Dragon - the dragon is a boss of a castle that you venture through. when he is defeated, he drops the dragon's eye that allows you to cast the spell, fire.

Giant Skeleton - The giant skeleton is the boss of a graveyard that you tumble across. when he is defeated, the sword of labrynith is dropped from his head and it allows you to use the attack Fire Slash.

Ice Demon - The Ice Demon is a faceless demon with wings. when defeated, he drops the princess bracelet which he used to disquise as the princess to lure you to him.

Black Knight - The Black Knight is a mini boss that appears just like you but steals your items, forbidding you to cast spells and abilities and grants him the ability to do so. when he is defeated, the Dark Wizard appears.

Dark Wizard - The Dark Wizard is the last boss in the game. his staff is controlled with telekenisis and can shoot spells and he dashes quite fast.


A cutscene apears where the Dark Wizard flies into the castle and takes the princess to his castle and locks her up in a cage. The Red Knight then appears and starts his journey to rescue the princess.

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