Starting Characters

Sarah Ten - A world famous, Japanese, boxer.

Michael Jetson - An American pickpocket

Alex Trish - An English kick boxer.

Derrick West - An American martial artist (Clone: Matthew Trint)

Nigel Agnus - A British soldier

Mia  Suyana - An American Athlete known for Track, Kickboxing, and Acrobatics (Clone: Jason Toren)

Aime Acord - A French fencer

Agnes Trint - A Greek street fighter (not the game!!!)

Axis - An International Science experiment

Neon - An army recruitor in disquise (Clone: Ninja)


Matthew Trint - Martial Arts student (Beat Game with Derrick)

Anthony Toro - A soldier in training (Beat me as a rival)

Ninja - A robber (Beat me as a rival)

Angel - An unpopular hero (Beat me as a rival)

Samiel Con - A young fighter (Beat me as a rival)

Danielle Alex - A hotel owner (Beat me as a rival)

Jason Toren - A French athlete known for swimming, track, and soccer. (Beat the game with Mia)


Sarah & Alex

Michael & Neon

Derrick & Axis

Nigel & Ninja

Aime & Anthony

Matthew & Samiel

Danielle & Jason

Mia & Angel


Tron - A giant robot, built to take out the rivals

Bonus rounds

Pop balloons flying by

Destroy Tron's lab

Make a combo on a test dummy last for as long as possible

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