You Won't Like been beaten up..

  • Genre :Fighting
  • Console :IOS,Xbox one,IOS
  • Rating : Everyone (9+)
  • Release date : 1 October 2015
  • Tagline :"If a fight gets real,the steel will be special."

Real Steel Special Edition is a sequel to the Real Steel WRB game of IOS and related to Real Steel XBOX 360.The game starts with a flashback and as a tutorial mission.The Flashback predicts what is the result of what happens if Atom fights Zeus for the third time but defeated.Then,Charlie needed to pay a lot of money because of his lost.With that,he begins to restart his career as a newly,WRB tournament fighter.


The Game is a mix between Real Steel WRB the game (IOS) and Real Steel Xbox 360 game.The player can access different bots to fight through enemies.You Start with Ambush.You can Upgrade Ambush for a cost of money.It features the same like Real Steel WRB.Which is Hydraulics,Mainframe,Powercore,Motherboard,and Chassis.You can participate in the tournaments which is...

  • Underworld 1
  • Underworld 2
  • WRB 1
  • WRB 2


Each Bots are purchaseable once you accesed a tournament.If you play Real Steel WRB,it has a same principes as it.



  • Underworld 1
  1. Ambush (Starting)
  2. Bio War
  3. Fat Boy
  4. Bluebot
  5. Aquabot
  6. Atom
  7. IDA-TEN
  8. Midas*
  • Underworld 2
  1. Six Shooter
  2. Blockbuster
  3. Skar
  4. Piggsy
  5. Blacktop
  6. Hollowjack
  7. Tripitaka
  8. Sun Wukong
  9. Toolbox
  10. Metro*
  • WRB 1
  1. Noisy Boy
  2. Camelot
  3. Gridlock
  4. Axelrod
  5. Danger Zone
  6. Ultratech
  7. Photon
  8. Cosmobot
  9. Twin Cities*
  • WRB 2
  1. Albino
  2. Ramchip
  3. Nitro
  4. Gambit
  5. Blac Jac
  6. Excavator
  7. Touchdown
  8. Bio Tech
  9. Zeus*

Original Bots 

These bots can be fought after defeating Zeus in a bonus level.They are very tough.And if you defeat them you will unlock their biography.Mix of G2 and G3

  • Eiffel: Made by a French guy who wants to prove that France is still tough in robotic fighting.It has a size approximately as tall as Zeus.
  • Roller: A G2 bot.But formidable to G3 bots.It is similar to a steam roller.The tech itself is still like the Classical era steam power.It has a normal fist but round and hard like a brass knuckle.While the other hand is a Wrecking ball.A US bot.
  • Omega :A Greek bot that is made by an expert engineer.It has an oversized fist bigger than anything's fists.The body is very huge but yet fast to move.It has a jet like engine in the back.
  • Shogun :A Japanese bot made by a fanatic of Noisy Boy.It is modeled more like a Samurai.It has diamond-Titanium shoulderpads and menacing Red eyes same like Excavator's.It has a sharp fist like a Katana or Yokomishashi.
  • Kick :A G2 bot with small but steady and fast legs (He is a Fragile Speedster).He has Atom's fists and a body resembles to Blacktop except not decorated and lightly armored.


  • Although this is a new game,it has the name "Special Edition" which indicates it might be an expansion pack for Real Steel Xbox 360 and Xbox One