A sequel to Rayman Origins, wich should have a theme similar to Rayman 2.


Characters Voice Suggestions
Rayman Jonathan Wilson
Globox Patrick McKenna
The Teensies Brain Froud
Baby Globoxs David Berni

Supporting Protagonist

Characters Voice Suggestions
Ly Cherami Leigh
Murfy David Berni
Clark Dwayne Hill
Sssssam Richard Yearwood
Tily Denise Oliver
The Shell Dwayne Hill


Character Voice Suggestion Role
Admiral Razorbeard Dwayne Hill Final Boss
Spyglass Pirate Rob Stefaniuk Razorbeard's Helper
Henchman 800 Neil Crone Enemy
Count Razoff Eric Bauza Boss
The Kanarren King Scott McCord Boss
The Kanarren John Stocker Enemy
Gorilla Pirate Scott McCord Enemy
Jano Dwayne Hill Boss
Axel Neil Crone Boss
Hoodmongers Dwayne Hill Enemy

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