RUSH, is a 2014 Formula 1 racing game developed by United Gaming and produced by Codemasters. The game takes place both before and after the events of the film as well as events from the film. A demo edition of RUSH was made avaliable two days before the official release which was January 22, 2014. 

Features & Gameplay

RUSH will feel and play simillar to the annual Formula 1 racing games that are developed by Codemasters. The game does have a heavier and more realistic version of damage due to using a different game engine then the F1 titles. Graphics and Sound are also slightly better as well as a sense of realism. The game does not only take players to the track but also focuses on the lives of the drivers outside the track.

Game Mods

Single Race: Take to the track in a single event with your own rules

Experience: This is where player's can participate in the main campaign 

Matchmaking: Race online agianst other players

Film Extras: See bonus content and chapters of the award-winning film 


  • RUSH was the first game to be released by United Gaming as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title and PlayStation Store title.