Psonic X Touhou (stylized as PSONIC × 東方) is a future competitive arcade-style crossover fighting game with some RPG elements, 2.5-dimensional graphics and it's all about the rivalry between indie games, but Space Monsters is released publicly and other future games are coming soon with the help of his staff, especially the basis of Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site. Soon, this game will be made within the license of Team Shanghai Alice/ZUN. In opinion, the project producer believed that this title is now a spiritual successor to Touhou vs. Capcom: Village of the Warriors.


Since the peaceful outside world of the 21st century has suffered few wars between 2010s and 2020s (like in the events of 20XX series, War on Terror and with the terrorist faction Blackfoot), people were working for the modern times in the presence of one deity and the United Nations, a main world organization. Sometimes, there is something mysterious and dark around the global edges that the whole investigation is not over yet, by the time of an alien expedition, which the extraterrestrial creatures visited from the real world history including the non-myths.

However, in some events of 20XX, it was rumored that the Global Peacekeeping League (a military and police government and subsidiary of the United Nations) has detected a mysterious being from outer space. Before their report, it will begin to rise up the whole re-visitation but taking a slow moment for a long time to come sooner or with something futuristic. Of course, after that, many people are experiencing a serious case somewhere on earth by watching several news reports in other locations, most probably in Tycoon City as the game's primary target with a special military term RECOM (a phenomenon between "Resistance" and "Command" words).

While the case is going on, Engr. Joe Dell of Recom Hero Squad has a plan for the help of other engineers to build a time portal, with a dimension between reality and fantasy. If it was created, there is something strange that the citizens of Tycoon City are living in currently outside world now. Besides, the only targeted fantasy is in Gensokyo, a remote place where been set in incidental times of Gregorian calendar once in a while.

As the future moves on, it finally comes to introduce itself a powerful alien superweapon named Overlimits, derived from its alien homeworld Xenoria. It begins with a disgrace to humanity to take a control of Xenorians and make the outside world dominated for a new extraterrestrial life, most especially other aliens. So people need help and Engineer Joe has another plan to his fellow members of R.H.S that the inspirational military mission has started immediately. Then they summon people from several locations (particularly a destination from Gensokyo to the modern Outside World following the inspiration of Urban Legend in Limbo), give them a special chance and prepare a surrounded fighting tournament with a lot of battles in order to be prepared stronger before the forceful resistance against Overlimits, also those who came from both the future and the past.


Like M.U.G.E.N, this game shares the similarities to Capcom vs. SNK and Marvel vs. Capcom but the gameplay style being similar to the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. . In the game, players select a team of two to four characters to engage in two-dimensional combat and attempt to knock out their opponents before the time extends in tag team mode or make it default in turn-based mode. It features both similar tag team and turn-based game mechanics along with new methods of play designed to make the game more accessible to new players. The special moves are known as Special Cards (Skill Cards in Japan), the Super Combos are referred to Super Cards (Spell Cards in Japan) and the Level 3 (Ultimate Combo) attacks are known to be Ultra Cards (Last Words in Japan), which are similar to Ultra Combo of Street Fighter IV series. In arcade mode, you can beat several opponents in 7 battles before you face Overlimits, a super weapon which represents super-boss and compared to Abyss from MVC2. Also like Injustice 2, the game has RPG elements that allow you to customize characters with experience you earned and upgrades in both single-player and multiplayer and loot grabbing after each match.


The main currency of the game will be Hero Credits.


  • Moe Harukawa
  • Axl Jet Baños
  • Jun'ya "ZUN" Ota
  • Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya
  • UDON Entertainment


  • Manabu Namiki
  • Jun'ya "ZUN" Ota
  • Hisayoshi Ogura
  • Jake Kaufman
  • Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya (arranged themes of Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story)
  • Ippo Yamada
  • Manami Matsumae
  • Danny Baranowsky
  • Michiru Yamane
  • Travis Stebbins

Studio software

  • Unreal Development Kit 4
  • Audacity
  • MikuMikuDance (MMD)
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Blender 3D
  • MakeHuman
  • Daz 3D

Voice production studios


Playable characters

Psonic side

Character Debut Voice actor/actress Attribute(s)
Billmore Hawkins Space Monsters David Vincent Investigative Military Platoon
Josh Celton Space Monsters Matthew Mercer Resistance Agency
Sam Ramsen Space Monsters Kari Wahlgren/Caitlin Glass Mysterious Combat Investigation
Rina Stock Space Monsters Jennifer Hale Dangerous Assassination
Axl Jet Celebration Strip (Part 2) Yuri Lowenthal Funny Warrior of Fortune
Guy Rawkins Dream Warriors Scott Porter Dreamy Dimensional Fighter
Gast Masken Dream Warriors Jesse Merlin Camouflage N' Espionage
Landon Trakes Dream Warriors Gideon Emery Crack Marksmanship
Carole Rogan Dream Warriors Tara Strong Mystery-Searching Adventurer
Voltrex Dream Warriors Wally Wingert Secret Weapon System
Barris Lost Denizone Mick Wingert Passionate Resistance
Kevin Abraman Combat Zone Dameon Clarke Armored Division Platoon
Captain Neo/Laurence Moonwalker SVR Crispin Freeman Galactic/Energetic Dogfights
Solo Breeze SVR 2 Doug Erholtz Space Challenges
Butch Coby Street Fist Michael T. Coleman Surrounded Street Brawls
Aip Orang Street Fist Nolan North Incidental Street Fighting
Buckethead Futuristic Heroes Troy Baker Futuristic Superpowers
Travis Croot Alien Battalion Taliesin Jaffe Mysterious Resistance on Invasion
David Croot Alien Battalion Jason Spisak Alien Resistance Operation
Kirill "Vodka" Bushnov/Kirov Con-Alien Patrick Seitz Dangerous Mining Demolitions
Allen Charlee Con-Alien Tony Oliver Western Heavy Weapons Platoon
Tenjin Hokutaro Con-Alien Christopher Bevins Disguised Life Saver/Living Legend
Dun Frylark Extraterrace Richard Epcar Explosive Immunity Implanted Only for Hopping with Incredible Superhuman Strength
Deniel Dannis Bio Dangers Robin Atkin Downes Infection Awareness
Soro Cang Metal Wings David Matranga Great Futuristic Harrier
Lite Hostage Denizone Eric Ladin Leftover Brawler Wannabe
Yomo & Vince Stander Park Benjamin Diskin (Yomo), Jeremy Shada (Vince) The Great Adventures with the Sense of Humor
Gyro McSandwich Gyro Fighters Ted Sroka Creative Mechanical Aviation
Roy Shieldman Dark Extermination Brian Bloom Super-Powered Weaponry
Chieftain Paladin Dark Extermination Kyle Hebert Power of Lightness
Dick Anders Gontra Warriors Grant George Counter-Terrorism Warfare
Nash Steele Gontra Warriors Keith Silverstein Operational Counter-Jihad
Netsu Armed Ninja Bryce Papenbrook Top Secret Agency
Frank Theoren Savage Monsters Sam Riegel Air Force/Flight Fighter
Placid Ironside Savage Monsters Vic Mignogna Powered Defense Mechanism
Metal Commando/Doug Razing Force David Hayter Power-Armored Battalion
Millard Ostin Stalinoviet John Paul Karliak Anti-Communism
Shota Mutako Rival Fighters Todd Haberkorn Shotokan Mastery
Dean Warson Rival Fighters Chris Rickabaugh Possible Vigilante Brawls
Ronn Marshall Rival Fighters Christopher Sabat Military Art Expertise
Kung Lee Rival Fighters Johnny Yong Bosch Modern Arts of Kung Fu
Jun Wondo Rival Fighters Kaiji Tang Latest Taekwondo Skills
Katana Ariko Rival Fighters G.K. Bowes Mixed Japanese Martial Skills
Lan Xenma Rival Fighters Laura Bailey Master of the Latest Kenpo Arts
Muay Rival Fighters Brad Swaile Fighter for Nature
Aiko Zatoichi Gyro Fighters Cassandra Lee Morris Cherry Blossom Samurai
Roxanne Foxy Street Fist series Ashly Burch Security City Cop
Guerilla Gorill Street Fist series Travis Willingham Wild Military Tactics
Craig Lawn Power Speed Josh Keaton Vehicular Nitro Fighter
Warcanine Futuristic Heroes Dave Wittenberg Fighting City Dog
Dr. Horace Madman Denizone Christopher Corey Smith Mad Experiments
Skullus Dream Warriors Nolan North Dimensional Doomsday

Touhou side

Character Debut Voice actor/actress Attribute(s)
Reimu Hakurei Highly Responsive To Prayers Michelle Ruff Gap Woman (Sukima Onna)
Marisa Kirisame Story of Eastern Wonderland Wendee Lee The Seven School Mysteries
Sanae Kochiya Mountain of Faith Stephanie Sheh The Windy Legend
Sakuya Izayoi Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Cristina Valenzuela Time Girl
Rin Satsuki Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (scrap) G.K. Bowes Forgotten Nurse of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
Yuyuko Saigyouji Perfect Cherry Blossom Erin Fitzgerald Ghastly Cherry Blossom
Youmu Konpaku Perfect Cherry Blossom Cherami Leigh Speedy Spirit of Swordsmanship
Yukari Yakumo Perfect Cherry Blossom Lydia Mackay Gap Lady
Cirno Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Christine Marie Cabanos Playful Cold Pranks
Byakuren Hijiri Unidentified Fantastic Object Gina Grad Turbo Granny (Turbo-baa-baa/Turbo Hag)
Minamitsu Murasa Unidentified Fantastic Object Rachael Lillis Victimized Shipwreck Captain
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Ten Desires Leah Clark Men in Black
Aya Shameimaru Phantasmagoria of Flower View Brittney Karbowski Windy Journalism
Hatate Himekaidou Double Spoiler Eden Riegel Spiritual News Research
Kaguya Houraisan Imperishable Night Joy Jacobson Instantaneous human eternity
Fujiwara no Mokou Imperishable Night Erica Lindbeck Spontaneous human combustion
Keine Kamishirasawa Imperishable Night Kate Higgins Curse-Bearing Alternation
Ichirin Kumoi Unidentified Fantastic Object Xanthe Huynh Hasshaku-sama
Yuugi Hoshiguma Subterranean Animism Allison Sumrall Unexplainable Superhuman Strength
Hong Meiling Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Alexis Tipton Master of Qi Arts
Tewi Inaba Imperishable Night Cindy Robinson Good Luck to Humanity
Reisen Udongein Inaba Imperishable Night Ryan Bartley Kunekune
Koishi Komeiji Subterranean Animism Monica Rial Merry-san (Phone Ghost Mary)
Satori Komeiji Subterranean Animism Brianne Siddall Conscious Mind Tricks
Alice Margatroid Mystic Square Tia Ballard Possessed Magical Dolls
Remilia Scarlet Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Colleen Clinkenbeard Inhuman Fates
Flandre Scarlet Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Mela Lee Absolute Destroyer
Nitori Kawashiro Mountain of Faith Maxey Whitehead Robotic Loch Ness Monster
Patchouli Knowledge Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Jessica Boone Genius Girl of Elements
Mystia Lorelei Imperishable Night Carrie Savage Legendary Singer
Momiji Inubashiri Mountain of Faith Susan Dalian Dutiful Mountain Patrol
Mononobe no Futo Ten Desires Katie Caruso Okiku-san
Toyosatomimi no Miko Ten Desires Stephanie Young Aka Manto (Red Mantle Blue Mantle)
Suika Ibuki Immaterial and Missing Power Jessica Gee Big Drunk Fighter
Utsuho Reiuji Subterranean Animism Trina Nishimura Underworld Nuclear Fusion
Iku Nagae Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Shelley Calene-Black Envoy of Atmospheric Reads
Tenshi Hinanawi Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Luci Christian Celestial Pierce of Earth
Seiga Kaku Ten Desires Brianna Knickerbocker Wicked Right-Hand Necromancer
Yuuka Kazami Lotus Land Story Kathleen Barr Eco-Friendly Caretaker
Rumia Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Hilary Haag Dark Abomination
Medicine Melancholy Phantasmagoria of Flower View Laura Post Immortal Poisonous Doll
Seija Kijin Double Dealing Character Erica Mendez Impossible Reversals
Kagerou Imaizumi Double Dealing Character Brina Palencia Night of the Werewolf
Komachi Onozuka Phantasmagoria of Flower View Jamie Marchi Weird Scariness Used Only for Surprising
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Phantasmagoria of Flower View Michele Knotz Distinct Judgement of Neutrality
Raiko Horikawa Double Dealing Character Hynden Walch Thunderous Pristine Rhythm
Kogasa Tatara Unidentified Fantastic Object Marieve Herington Weird Scariness Used Only for Surprising
Nue Houjuu Unidentified Fantastic Object Julie Ann Taylor Unidentified Alien Contact
Kasen Ibaraki Wild and Horned Hermit Erica Schroeder Monkey's Paw
Suwako Moriya Mountain of Faith Megan Taylor Harvey Cursed Gods of Earthiness
Yumemi Okazaki Phatasmagoria of Dim. Dream Lisa Ortiz Artificial Mad Magi-Tech
Hata no Kokoro Hopeless Masquerade Bridget Hoffman Kuchisake-onna

Secret characters

Character Debut Voice actor/actress Attribute(s) Note(s)
Stryker Hawk Futuristic Heroes Liam O' Brien Futuristic Blasting Impact Hidden in arcade version, but can be revealed via Magic Code or default in home version
Hina Kagiyama Mountain of Faith Megan Hollingshead Fortune-Telling Legend Hidden in arcade version, but can be revealed via Magic Code or default in home version
Shoe Zoarg Brian T. Delaney Dangerous Bug Buster Hidden in arcade version, but can be revealed via Magic Code or default in home version
Wriggle Nightbug Imperishable Night Kat Steel Stirring Autumn Insect Hidden in arcade version, but can be revealed via Magic Code or default in home version

DLC characters

(*) = First Wave DLC Characters
(**) = Second Wave DLC Characters

Character Debut Voice actor/actress Attribute(s)
Commandar Bon* Robotrode Scott Whyte Defensive Resistance to Save Humanity
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna* Double Dealing Character Stephanie Sheh Little Green Men
Magician Type X* Bio Dangers Fred Tatasciore Empowered Disaster
Sumireko Usami* Urban Legend in Limbo Melissa Davis Occult Ball
Demo/Bomberguy/Eric* Blaster Warrior Robbie Daymond Robotic Blaster
Junko* Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Shelby Lindley Astronautic Purification
Don Pepe* Blaster Warrior Max Mittelman Thrill-Seeking Bomber
Clownpiece* Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Sarah Anne Williams Apollo Voyager
William Ostin* Axis of Evil Ben Pronsky Vengeful Anti-Fascism
Minako Kamikouchi* Hopeless Masquerade (hidden) Michele Knotz Rainy Girl
Moai King* Stander Park Steve Blum Ancient Stone Legend
Hecatia Lapislazuli* Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Karen Strassman Multi-Bodies
Collin Morgan** Monster Marauders Chris Cox Military Spirit
Kanako Yasaka** Mountain of Faith Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Sky Goddess
Yukihito Satoyaba** Monster Marauders Gaku Space Military Custodial Survivalist
Parsee Mizuhashi** Subterranean Animism Kimlinh Tran Jealous Mystery
Nail Strong** Geometron Mike DeBonis Galactic Block-Buster
Hieda no Akyuu** Memorizable Gensokyo Faye Mata Memorable Chronicler
TF-44 Thunderfist** Thunderfist Keith Ferguson Fighting Thunder
Soga no Tojiko** Ten Desires Alison Viktorin Vengeful Thunder
Marion Aluca** Dream Warriors Melissa Fahn Dark Medication
Koakuma** Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Melissa Fahn Seductive Devil
Marvin Santos** Rival Fighters Jonny Cruz Brazil Time
Daiyousei** Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Natalie Hoover Greater Fairy Power

Guest characters

Character Debut Voice actor/actress Note(s) Upcoming status
Sonic Blast Man Sonic Blast Man Patrick Seitz Exclusively for both arcade and home versions Confirmed
Beck Mighty No. 9 Yuri Lowenthal Exclusively for home versions Confirmed
Quote Cave Story Johnny Delacerda Exclusively for home versions Confirmed
Curly Brace Cave Story Christine Marie Cabanos Exclusively for home versions Confirmed
Duke Nukem Duke Nukem series Jon St. John Exclusively for home versions Confirmed
Pikapy (Humanoid Pikachu) Original ? Exclusively for Wii U and 3DS Confirmed
Miclus Raiden series None Exclusively for both arcade and home versions Confirmed
Jim Raynor StarCraft Robert Clotworthy Exclusively for PC Confirmed
Serious Sam Serious Sam series John J. Dick Exclusively for PC, PS3, PS4, XB360 and Xbox One Confirmed
Solid Snake Metal Gear David Hayter Exclusively for PC, PS3, PS4, XB360 and Xbox One Confirmed
Gordon Freeman Half-Life None Exclusively for Steam, PS3, PS4, XB360 and Xbox One Confirmed
Doomguy Doom ? Exclusively for PC, PS3, PS4, XB360 and Xbox One Confirmed
Commander Video Bit. Trip series None Exclusively for home versions Confirmed
Deadpool Marvel universe Nolan North Exclusively for home versions Confirmed
Dipper Pines Gravity Falls Jason Ritter Exclusively for PC, Steam, Wii U and 3DS Confirmed
Ferb Fletcher Phineas & Ferb Thomas Sangster Exclusively for PC, Steam, Wii U and 3DS Confirmed
Mabel Pines Gravity Falls Kristen Schaal Exclusively for PC, Steam, Wii U and 3DS Confirmed
Jake Jake and the Never Land Pirates Colleen O' Shaughnessey Exclusively for PC, Steam, Wii U and 3DS Confirmed
Izzy Jake and the Never Land Pirates Ashley "Ellie" Johnson Exclusively for PC, Steam, Wii U and 3DS Confirmed
Transformable Raiden MK-II Original (presumably Raiden series) ? Exclusively for both arcade and home versions Confirmed
Plus Original ? Exclusively for Wii U and 3DS Doubtful
Minus Original ? Exclusively for Wii U and 3DS Doubtful
Claptrap the Fragtrap Borderlands David Eddings Exclusively for Steam, PS3, PS4, XB360 and Xbox One Confirmed
Gunvolt Azure Striker Gunvolt Michael Johnston Exclusively for PC and 3DS Confirmed
Ryu Street Fighter Kyle Hebert Exclusively for home versions and arcade Confirmed
Goku Dragon Ball series Sean Schemmel Exclusively for home versions and arcade Confirmed
Vegeta Dragon Ball series Christopher Sabat Exclusively for home versions and arcade Confirmed
Asagi Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Wendee Lee Exclusively for both PS4 and Vita Doubtful
Frisk Undertale Megan Taylor Harvey Exclusively for both PC and Steam Confirmed
Sonic the Hedgehog/Super Sonic/Hyper Sonic/Sonic the Spiderhog Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline of Sonic the Hedgehog series, "Sonic series/Marvel" (Sonic the Spiderhog only) Yuri Lowenthal Exclusively for all versions and arcade Confirmed
 Sally Acorn Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline of Sonic the Hedgehog series Tara Strong Exclusively for all versions and arcade Confirmed
Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Ashleigh Ball Exclusively for all versions and arcade Confirmed
Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic series Johnny Yong Bosch Exclusively for all versions and arcade Confirmed
Rouge the Bat Sonic series Tabitha St. Germain Exclusively for all versions and arcade Confirmed
Jin Kazama Tekken series Johnny Yong Bosch Exclusively for home versions and arcade Confirmed
Kazuya Mishima Tekken series Roger Jackson Exclusively for home versions and arcade Confirmed
Sash Lilac Freedom Planet Dawn Michelle Bennett Exclusively for PC, Steam, 3DS and Wii U Confirmed
Heavy Weapons Guy Team Fortress 2 Gary Schwartz Exclusively for Steam, PS3, PS4, XB360 and Xbox One Confirmed
Scout Team Fortress 2 Nathan Vetterlein Exclusively for Steam, PS3, PS4, XB360 and Xbox One Confirmed
Tracer Heroes of the Storm (presumably Overwatch) Cara Theobold Exclusively for PS4, PC and Xbox One Confirmed
Ruby Rose RWBY Lindsay Jones Exclusively for Steam Confirmed
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight None Exclusively for Steam, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One Confirmed
Dragon Man Original Dee Bradley Baker Exclusively for home versions during Chinese New Year event Confirmed
Miss Valentine Original Sandy Fox Exclusively for home versions during Valentine event Confirmed
Eastern Bunny Original Brian Beacock Exclusively for home versions during Easter event Confirmed
Hasel Surfer Original Patrick Seitz Exclusively for home versions during Summer event Confirmed
Miyaki Ichimura Original Apphia Yu Exclusively for home versions during first day of school event Confirmed
Jack O' Hammer Original Dee Bradley Baker Exclusively for home versions during Halloween event Confirmed
Count Alucard Original Spike Spencer Exclusively for home versions during Halloween event Confirmed
Santa Claus (with Holiday boxing gloves and incredible strength) Original Dee Bradley Baker Exclusively for home versions during Christmas Holiday event Confirmed
Steven Universe Steven Universe Zach Callison Exclusively for Nintendo, Mobile, PC Versions and Steam   To be confirmed 

Non-playable characters

Psonic side

  • Deck Homwell (from Space Monsters)
  • Brake Andrens (from Space Monsters)
  • General Baxter (from Space Monsters)
  • Dr. Gorisly (from Stander Park)
  • Captain Pilot (from Aegius)
  • The Determinator (from Denizone)
  • General Morcan Mysterion
  • Colonel Bludips
  • Kona
  • Overlimits (final boss) - David Kaye (boss)
  • Engr. Joe Dell
  • Fokker Volkswaffe (from Gyro Fighter)
  • Arnold Montogomery (from Gyro Fighters)
  • Willson Mustang (from Gyro Fighters)
  • Martin Lightning (from Gyro Fighters)
  • Erik Yakolai (from Gyro Fighters)
  • RRA members
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • SES members
  • General Ross Nickson
  • Gunner Brothers Keith & Louis (from Home-World Infestation as seen in the screen of an airship)
  • Kan (from Zoarg)
  • Edward (from Zoarg)
  • Merry (from Zoarg)
  • Zombie Adolf Hitler (from Axis of Evil)
  • Zombie Hirohito (from Axis of Evil)
  • Takeshi Homura (from Axis of Evil)
  • Josefina Pierre (from Axis of Evil)
  • Rommel Krieg (from Axis of Evil)
  • Volk Bolshoi (from Axis of Evil)
  • Keaton Reginald (from Axis of Evil)
  • Alvin Arlington (from Axis of Evil)
  • Chill Rublin (from Axis of Evil)
  • Peter Surrey (from Axis of Evil)
  • Giorgione Bellini (from Axis of Evil)
  • I.F grunts (from Space Monsters)
  • Demon Tojo Hideki (from Axis of Evil)

Touhou side

Assist Characters

Psonic side

Touhou side

Guest Assist Characters

  • Amy Rose- Hynden Walch
  • E-123 Omega- Frank Welker
  • Metal Sonic- Corey Burton
  • Cheese the Chao and Cream the Rabbit- Dee Bradley Baker (Cheese) and Ariel Winter (Cream)
  • Pearl- Deedee Magno-Hall
  • Amethyst- Michaela Dietz
  • Garnet- Estelle
  • Lapiz Lazuli- Jennifer Paz
  • Peridot- Shelby Rabara
  • Sardonyx- Alexia Khadime
  • Jasper- Kimberly Brooks
  • Perry the Platypus- Dee Bradley Baker
  • Captain Hook- Corey Burton
  • Knuckles the Echidna- Travis Willingham
  • Espio the Chameleon- Matthew Mercer
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel- Roger Craig Smith
  • Marine the Raccoon- Kate Micucci
  • Honey the Cat- Stephanie Sheh
  • Weiss Schnee - Kara Eberle
  • Blake Belladonna - Arryn Zech
  • Yang Xiao Long - Barbara Dunkelman
  • Santa Claus' Elves - Brian Beacock



Psonic side

  • Long Passage Headquarters (from Space Monsters)
  • 2base (from Garrisoners)
  • Tycoon City
  • RHS Headquarters
  • RRA Base
  • RAS Airfield
  • Hereticus (from Aegius series)
  • Aegius
  • Xenoria
  • Route XXX
  • Allied Swastikan Brigade Base
  • Nuclear Factory
  • Fear Laboratory
  • Nuke Site
  • Crystal Field
  • Guerrilla Rainforest
  • Planetoid Belt
  • Deserted Coliseum
  • Suijin
  • Alpine 999
  • Volcano Island
  • Savanna 777
  • Asiatown
  • Galactic Elevator
  • Space Base
  • The Lost Tundra
  • RNF Shipyard
  • Stuckholmes City (from Space Monsters series)
  • Fate of the Outside World (Final Stage)

Touhou side

DLC Stages

Guest Stages

  • Floating Island (Cave Story)
  • Danville Arena (Phineas and Ferb) - DLC for Wii U, 3DS and Steam versions, exclusive stage for retail PC version
  • Suzaku Castle (Street Fighter) - excluding the arcade version
  • Castle Acorn
  • Rainbow Dash's House
  • Battle Colosseum (Mighty No. 9)
  • Ancient Sky Arena
  • Dragon Temple (Exclusively for home versions during Chinese New Year event)
  • Hall of Love (Exclusively for home versions during Valentine event)
  • Easter Island (Exclusively for home versions during Easter event)
  • Sunny Beach (Exclusively for home versions during Summer event)
  • Hanami Academy (Exclusively for home versions during first day of school event)
  • Haunted Manor (Exclusively for home versions during Halloween event)
  • North Pole (Exclusively for home versions during Christmas Holiday event)

See also

Psonic X Touhou/Soundtrack

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