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It is time. Well, sorta. I have time to throw my ideas.{ Project Emotion is the code name for the R.E.A.C.T. (Really Epic Addition Channel. By Visual Thriller Inc.) channel that you can buy from the Wii Shop channel for 1000 points.

The channel allows you to download packages for certain games. These packages contain slight mods created by third party programmers to add some spice to your games. Each are tested for many things, like glitches, viruses and playability. When you enable it for a game, the game will play as normal, until you get to a section that the packages has mods for. When that happens, it inserts a quick menu to ask you if you want to use the mod. You can use it or ignore it. Either way, you will have a cool game.

This channel itself is a library of legal, safe modifications to your games and a place where you choose what games the channel is allowed to use. The graphics on the channel were designed by Visual Thriller Inc. Other third party mods are welcome for this article.


  • Add bonuses
  • Edit list
  • Allow for offline games.
  • Allow for online games. (requires all users to have it enabled to use it online)
  • Choose specific games here


Number Game Additions Description of Addition System
1 SSB Brawl
  • High Stakes Brawl
  • Set style of brawl that doubles that damage taken when hit while taunting, Final Smashes are all instant death, food may actually be a bomb, etc.
2 Notorious
  • Super Training
  • Achievement
  • Allows you to train on an unlimited amount of certain enemies.
  • Unlock the Credit to Who it is Due achievement (Since they are made by the same company)
3 The Wii
  • Gamecube controller compatibility
  • Channels may be selected with (A), right/left (C) analog direction means +/-, (A) again to select the channel, (B) to go back to the Wii menu. [L] Settings (The rest navigated by Wii remote only), [Z] SD channel, [R] Message board. Left Analog control stick moves pointer like Brawl.
4 Games with palette swaps (SSBB or Sports Mix)
  • Palette swap alteration
  • For a character that has a palette swap you don't like or need, you can go in and alter the coloration of that character. For example, if you don't like one of Sonic's SSBB swaps, you can change one to looks like Shadow or Silver. If you're done, you can just change it back to what it was. This eliminates the need for texture hacks.

I had a bunch :( Now I can't remember any of them. Oh this works for all Wii games, even the ones you all are developing. :D

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