The Professor is a character from Metal Slug series, he makes his debut on Metal Slug Attack as a playable unit, he's one of the main antagonists of Metal Slug 8 alongside Allen Jr. and Satiko Suzuki.


He was a former scientist for Morden's Army, but finally joined Mars People for his own researches. His deep knowledge in cloning makes his age and sex hard to distinguish.


Metal Slug 7/Double X

He joined Rebel Army during Morden's 7th coup d'etat helping him with the creation of a DiCokka able to control the time portal and as the same time, the creation of The Kraken (MS7's final boss).

During the 5 years between MS7 and MS8

Satiko offers him to join her revelation against their boss, he and Allen Jr. accepted the offer to help her with her betrayal against Rebel Army in order to kill everyone on their way, the three of them managed to escape before Abigail tried to use her last attempt to stop them.

He helped Satiko with the creation of the Spaceship base of Phantom Shadows in where time later he kidnaps Red Goblin who was on a mission to investigate all about Phantom Shadows and its Top-Secret plan, unfortunately for him, Red Goblin manages to escape after he wakes up and discovers what he was going to do to him but he was Stopped by his boss because she has the feeling that they will meet again.

Metal Slug 8 (TheProjectXZoneFan1997)

He first appears at the end of Mission 5 alongside Satiko and Allen Jr. bringing back to life the mummies and some others that hasn't woked up yet like Cleopatra.

Later he reappears on Mission 8 riding a new version of the Mars Mecha from Metal Slug 3 in order to erradicate both PF Squad and Rebel Army soldiers but his robot gets destroyed and then once Leona gets close to him, he notices her Orochi's blood power and then he kidnaps Leona and takes her to the Spaceship base during Satiko's escape.

In final mission he manages to wake up Orochi Leona and uses her to help him during his fight in the Spaceship base, unfortunately both of them are defeated, Leona stopped her Orochi's blood and Professor manages to escape, he looked scared at the battle between PF Squad and Satiko Suzuki until she decides to absorb his vital energy to keep fighting them killing Professor in the progress.

Metal Slug Appearances

Metal Slug 8 (TheProjectXZoneFan1997)

Professor is one of the main antagonist of the game.

Metal Slug Fighters

He is one of the characters of the game, he appears riding his segway instead of his laser robot.