Primal Rage The Second
Developer(s) NetherRealm Studios
Publisher(s) Atari
Platform(s) *PlayStation 3
  • Xbox360
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Wii U
Genre Fighting game
Rating(s) *ESRB = T (Japan) - RP (Europe & USA)
  • PEGI = 16 (Europe & USA) - 12 (Japan)
Mode(s) *Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer offline
  • Multiplayer online

Primal Rage The Second is the retry of the cancelled game Primal Rage 2. It was infact supposed to be in stores in 1997 and '98 on Arcade and on other platforms such as GameGear, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, GameBoy Advance and others.

This game, instead, has a new plot, pratically the same as PR2, and resembles 2 factions: humans (Avatars) and dinosaurs (God). It will also include a new story mode of the plot itself. The gameplay will be mixed up between the Primal Rage one itself and the one of Mortal Kombat IX. It is projected for PlayStation 3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Windows.


As said before, the plot of the Primal Rage sequel is the same.

The meteor, which caused the Earth disaster that changed it in Urth, actually was an egg containing Necrosan, wanting for destruction and death. The seven gods, while are fighting, will encounter Slashfang, the sabertooth. But when the fight was going to start, Necrosan's presence was alerted on all Urth. And so, the Gods tried to stop Necrosan, but the great un-dead dragon easly defeated them all, suspending them in another dimension, which will slowly destroy them. In an attempt to save the Urth, the eight Gods chose the best human fighter, one for any God. The eight Avatars, quickly realizing about the fate of Urth, started their journey to Urth. Unfortunately, Necrosan, spotting their presence, sent 8 evil Avatars, with their 8 evil Gods for destroy them.

Game modes

  • Story Mode (canonical in the series)
    • Avatar Story
    • God Story (unlocked if you complete the Avatar Story)
  • Arcade Mode
  • Versus Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Extra
  • Options

Story Mode

The story of the game can be seen here


The gameplay is mixed with the original series and the one in Mortal Kombat IX.

Playable characters

The following characters are divided in Avatars and Gods and they are 32 overall, divided in 8 good Avatars, 8 good Gods, 8 evil Avatars and 8 evil Gods.

Awaible in Story Mode

The characters below are listed by the good characters, and only the 8 good Avatars are playable, while the others are unlockable. To unlock an evil Avatar and a good God, you must complete the correlative Chapter.

Playable characters, awaible in Story Mode
Chapter Avatar God
Chapter One Tor Armadon
Chapter Two Arik Sauron
Chapter Three Shank Chaos
Chapter Four Keena Talon
Chapter Five Malissa Vertigo
Chapter Six Xiao Ming Slashfang
Chapter Seven Shinjin Diablo
Chapter Eight Kaze Blizzard

Unlockable, not awaible in Story Mode

The characters below are unlockable in Versus, Arcade and Survival Modes, but not playable in Story Mode. Completing a good Avatar Chapter will unlock its evil counterpart, while completing a good god Chapter will do the same.

Unlockable characters, not awaible in Story Mode
Chapter Evil Avatar Evil God
Chapter One Sarya Spynal
Chapter Two Satoru
Chapter Three Omegum Kokyo
Chapter Four Songyo Oregon
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight Alpham Necrosan


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