Name: Kansai

Towns/Cities: 16

Routes: 36

New Pokemon: 29

Trains: 3 (Head to Kanto, Johto, Kansai)

Trainer Info

Name: Felix

Gender: Male

Home: Kryst Town

Bio: A kid who's mother is in the pokemon league. He is a hero for his town.


Name: Professor Oak

Home: Kanto; Pallet Town

Bio: Also known as Prof. Pokemon. He gave Kanto's champion his first pokemon.

New Pokemon

Squetals ---> Squeetle ---> Squatles (The water fox Pokemon) (Starter) (Water, Water Normal) 

Charn ---> Charkle ---> Charkin (Flaming plant pokemon) (Starter) (Fire, Fire Grass)

Guloom ---> Bulbom ---> Bulback (Healthy Mushroom Pokemon) (Starter) (Grass, Grass & Poison)

Clefin ---> Clefynx (The Acting Pokemon) (Normal)

Vilgar ---> Vilgon (The Ghostly Plant Pokemon) (Ghost & Grass)

Elekthie (The electric Wolf Pokemon) (Thunder)

Eino (The electric conductor pokemon) (Thunder)

Venot ---> Venotrio (The Poison Mole Pokemon) (Poison, Poison & Ground)

Jyng (The Spirit Pokemon) (Psychic Ghost)

New Types

Stone - Weak to Fire, Fighting, and Water. Beats Thunder

Legend - Weak to nothing. Beats Normal

Wind - Beats Flying, Grass, and Water. Weak to Ice, Ghost, and Fire

Pokemon for these types



Metaxin (Stone toad pokemon)

Statin (The statue Pokemon)

Metool (The tool shaped Pokemon)

Skeletin (The undead Pokemon) (Also Ghost type)

Flux (The Element pokemon) (Can become Fire, Water, Thunder, and Ice)

Stat (The Stone cat Pokemon) 


Moguth (The Spider Pokemon)

Hizard (The Dragon Pokemon)

Odrin (The Fighting Pokemon)

Volton (The electric turtle Pokemon)

Blados (The Water Bird)

Legeon (The Legendary Evolution of Evee)


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