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Pokemon Infinity and Desperation are two new games that are based off Generation VI in the Pokemon series. The game's region is centered as the Chrome Region. There are also 150 new pokemon in the game. The only exception towards this idea however is that there are no new HM's or TM's. The Chrome Region is much as big as the Unova Region from Generation V. Both versions can be for the Nintendo 3DS.

Name Differences

Pokemon Infinity is the first expansion game from the Chrome Region. Most of the gameplay takes at least 75 days to complete, and features the legendary psychic Pokemon, Rashiel. Rashiel is a psychic-type pokemon that resides in Gravity Cave. It's been living there for almost a thousand years, trying to make peace with humanity and all other Pokemon. You can obtain this pokemon only with a Master Ball and in this expansion, as well.

Pokemon Desperation is the second-half of the expansion. Unlike Infinity, this game has the player trying to complete it for 90 days. The same number of pokemon from Infinity are included, as well as this game's primary legendary fighting Pokemon, Uroboros. Uroboros is a fighting-type pokemon dwelling within the Ritual Sea. For almost a million years, Uroboros has savagely controlled all innocent pokemon and used them against their owners. Rashiel is the only innocent pokemon not brainwashed, and wants to put an end to Uroboros's evil domination. This pokemon is only obtained in Desperation Version by defeating it in battle; you have the choice to automatically capture it, or let it die on its own.

Legendary Pokemon List

  • Neopolo (Fire/Electric): Genderless
  • Sol (Dragon): Male only
  • Goliath (Water/Electric): Genderless
  • Pegasus (Flying/Ice): Female only
  • Uroboros (Water/Fighting): Genederless
  • Rashiel (Psychic): Genderless
  • Nemus (Ghost/Dragon): Genderless
  • Dragoon (Normal): Genderless
  • Pluum (Grass): Genderless
  • Waruum (Grass/Ground): Genderless

Note: All Pokemon from the previous regions will return, but as for now, I will not be in charge of it. Either Beecanoe or Geniusguy445 can help out!