This is a game almost related to Uitimate and Great,except this as a few more awesome things. In this,you get to explore all the regions,including a new one called Gradoire. Gym Leaders are not in this game, andpoke balls dont exist eather, because every wild pokemon you come across, they automatically become yours if you defeat them. The evil tea in this games are Team Solar in Beta Version and Team Mountain in Alpha Version. There are only 10 new pokemon inthis game

New Pokemon

Vineyvin (Grass)

Tigoflare (Fire)

Aquato (Water)

Fuzzyster (Normal)

Fuzzwuzz (Normal, Ground)

Dovesmal (Fly)

Hawkger (Fly)

Nafalco (Fly)

Cricette (Bug,Poison)

Speeder (Bug,Poiosn

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