Poke(mis-)adventures:Cubone's adventure is a game to be released on the 3ds. WORK IN PROGRESS,NOT DONE YET,DON'T DELEATE THIS!



Cubone is having a party with his friends Scizor,Greninja,Kingdra,Porygon-Z and others when a whole army of dark Pokémon kidnap everyone but Cubone.Cubone knows what to do and goes to save his friends.


  • Grass Land;A simple place with Grass and Tress.Special on map:None.Boss:Trevenant.
  • Sandy Dunes;A sandy area which has random sandstorms.Special on map:Random Sandstorms can lead to random Sandile Attacks.Boss:Krookodile.
  • Iceflake Slide;Very pretty but Slippery iceland which and slide you to different areas.Special on map:You can get slipped to areas you didn't think you'd reach. Boss:Weavile
  • Clear Beach;A simple beach where you swim around on Milotic,someone you saved earlier.Special on map:You can ride on Dewgong after beating a certain (secret)level,he can lead you to short-cuts to other areas.Boss:Sharpedo.
  • Metal Factory;A factory made by dark-type Pokémon,pull levers to effect where the bridges and gears go. Special on map:You can pull levers to change the path you go to,timing is key to go to secret areas and new levels!Boss:Steelix.
  • Lava Lakes;A volcano near a dangerous island. Special on map:Avoid lava,if it hits you,you can get attacked by Darmanitan. Boss 1:Chandelure.  Boss 2/Final Boss:Tyranitar

Friends saved in worlds

Boss starigeys

  • (SPOILERS!)Tyranitar phase 1:Tyranitar is not easy! Avoid his rock attacks and his summoned honchcrows.Once you get close give him a wacking!Then all you have to do is follow the above 3 more times!
  • (SPOILERS!)Tyranitar phase 2:You think you beat him...have you seen there's not megas in this game...NOT ANYMORE! Tyranitar,now mega evolved does his first 2 atttacks that we saw in Tyranitar Phase 1 but now does earthquakes,lava plumes and summons Pyroars! Follow him up to the top of the tower then he'll try to ram you and throw rocks.Avoid them and hit tyranitar 5 times then you have to do the above 1 more time then you beat him!

Gallery of Pokemon


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