Developer :Technology Games.Inc 

Genre : Third Person Shooter

Release :9 January 2015

Rating :Mature (18+ for blood n gore)

Console :IOS,PS4,PC

Tagline :"Save The Time,Save the World"

Plazma Burst 2015 Neo or stylized PLZB 2015 N Is a remake game of the famous flash game made by Eric Gurt Plazma Burst series.It is similar to Eric's version.But it is more realistic.'


You Play as a soldier nicknamed "The Marine".The Marine has been sent to time travel to both the past and the future.But then,a Glitch has occured,then,the Marine has a new objective,get Guns,and restore Peace to the Time.


It is basically a run n' gun game with a Third Person Shooter mode.You play as the Marine to destroy enemies.You must get good guns and weapons to restore order and peace to the time world.The Difference from this game and Gurt's original is that rather than it is more realistic,it has an Assasination feature like in Assasin's creed games.And like in Modern Warfare,you can pick up enemy weapons from dead enemies.


Every Character from Gurt's original is there.But,the game has a twist of characters a bit.Here is the new characters.

  • Vol'Rok :A high commander of the Falkok alien race.He is very deadly and unplayable plus a boss.His main objective is to kill the Marine and halt his objective (The Marine's)
  • Proffesor Brock : The one that made the time machine glitched.He is an insane scientist that believes that time can make us rich.So he glitched the Machine,then made a lot of drones and hire Civil Securities (From Plazma Burst 1 and 2)
  • Thomas :A Civil Security Captain.He can be always angry and happy because of a kill.He is very bloody arrogant and likes killing.He and his Securities are hired by Proffesor Brock to kill The Marine.
  • Project 110 :A Robotic Usurpation soldier being created by Proffesor Brock.He rebels Brock,then joins your side.

New Weapons

  • Photon Pistol
  • CS-Destroyer
  • Plasma Bazooka
  • Rail Blaster
  • Thunder Gun
  • Usurpation Minigun
  • Falkok Flame Hand Blades
  • Hellfire Blast
  • Bush 40
  • Alien Crackshot Sniper

The Original Weapons of Gurt's creation will also appear.


Plazma Burst 2015 Neo had been criticized for being like a Shooter version of Mortal Kombat.The Developers said that the trailer is just reallistic blood n gore.While the game itself isn't reallistic.


In The Multiplayer you can't play as the marine.But you will play as a custom character that is customizable in weapons and armors.Also you can choose your race.Which is:

  • Human
  • Falkok
  • Usurpation
  • Drone

The Multiplayer modes are then copied to Technology Games.Inc's new game The Z Project.So there is some similarities between the game.

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