Pivot Rumble is the new game of a new franchise with the same name. It is playable worldwide on Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Windows, and suggested to be developed and published by Empire Entertainment.

Game modes

  • Singleplayer
    • Story Mode
    • Stadium Mode
      • Arcade
      • Time attack
      • Survival
      • Tournament
      • Challenge
    • Versus Mode
    • Minigames
      • Pivot Kart
      • Pivot Golf
      • Pivot Disc
  • Online Multiplayer
    • Versus
    • Minigames
      • Pivot Kart
      • Pivot Golf
      • Pivot Disc
  • Extras
  • Options


Full story of the game can be found here.

Story plot


Full portraits of characters can be found here.


  • Chao: Is the Black Stickman Warrior, chosen to be the Dragon Warrior.
  • Feng: Is the White Stickman Warrior, chosen to be the Tiger Warrior. He's Chao's brother.


  • Meretkha: An Egyptian Pharaoh, ally of the Pivots;

Un-playable or semi-playable

  • Soldier (playable only in Challenge)
  • Veteran Soldier (playable only in Challenge)
  • Elite Soldier (playable only in Challenge)
  • Skeleton Soldier (playable only in Challenge)
  • Brute General (playable only in Challenge)



  • Training arena
  • Dojo inside
  • Dojo outside
  • Pivot Accademy
  • Pivot City
  • Pivot Arena
  • Pivot Santuary


  • Pivot Stadium
  • Rat Arena
  • Ox Arena
  • Tiger Arena
  • Dragon Arena
  • Snake Arena
  • Monkey Arena
  • Rooster Arena
  • Hare Arena
  • Horse Arena
  • Ram Arena
  • Dog Arena
  • Pig Arena
  • Aries Arena
  • Taurus Arena
  • Gemini Arena
  • Cancer Arena
  • Leo Arena
  • Virgin Arena
  • Libra Arena
  • Scorpio Arena
  • Sagitta Arena
  • Capricornus Arena
  • Acquarius Arena
  • Pisces Arena

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