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Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Bravblue is the HD Remaster of the New Element. Upcoming Re-realesed for Scenario of Journey and Answer. To be Realesed in Quality High Definition, on PS3 & PSVita. in additional Game from Previous Persona 3 Portable will added answer once again.

Realesed Date  

  • Japan : TBA
  • North America : TBA
  • Asia : TBA
  • Europe : TBA

Overall Change

  • New Opening from Yuki Wakamura
  • Video output supported in 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.
  • Audio output supported in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and DTS Digital Surround 5.1.
  • Trophy support.
  • Unlockable PlayStation 3 theme for each title. (only for PS3)
  • Ratio Widescreen 16:9
  • Updated character models.
  • Remastered background music for Persona 3 , FES and Portable and Track from P4.
  • Loading Times will be Great improved 
  • Animated Cutscene will be Upgrade for Two Scenario
  • Audio Voice Has been added  for Choose the English Audio and Japanese Audio.
  • Dialogue Box has been Replaced with Dialogue Box P4G With Blue (For Male Route) , Pink (For Female Route) and Blue Sky (For Aigis in Scenario Answer)
  • Animated Cutscene has been added again and For Female Route Has been added
  • Visual Novel No Longer Certain
  • On the New Game+ You can coztumize Difficult Level for inviduals elements in Config Menu Pre-set level of Difficult are:
    • Safety (Very Easy in NA)
    • Beginner
    • Normal
    • Expert
    • Maniac (Very Hard in NA)
  • Plot Element System will be Improved like P4G and P3P
  • Player Can Walk again for Two Scenario


  • Remastered in High Definition 
  • Player Can Default Name the male and female Name
  • The Gameplay is approximately 100 Hour Long
  • new social link the arcana Jester for Elizabeth (Male Route) & Theodore (Female Route) Igor assitance Which Quest and Few Event (Example : show me the Geokaukkan High School) By Elizabeth Or Theodore Has been Move with Social Link Event. And Few New Event for Rank 6-9. exclusive after you maxed out Rank Jester Social Link You Regard To Battle with Elizabeth Or Theodore as Ultimate Opponent.
  • New Area Inaba will be Access  and only access in school Trip and from 1/1-2010 - 30/1-2010
  • New More Event such school Trip , Haloween and Chrismass eve.
  • New More Animated Cutscene 
  • New Weapon , Armor , Costume and Items
  • When Party Member Level UP with Trigerring Voice
  • New event from previous CD Drama has been added
  • in Opening Sound Like Philemon As Cameo Voice
  • New Scene Function For thoese who Played in PS2 that just want explore New features
  • New classic for Party Member
    • New the Ultimate Skill Has been added For Party Member ( when gaining the Ultimate Persona)
    • Social Link Party Member skill From Persona 4
    • New Battle Qoutes for Party Member
    • New Skill For Party Member
  • New Classic Persona Such As:
    • New Persona and Skill
    • New Persona for Hunger , Fool ,Jugdement and Aeon
    • The abilities To Choose which skill Can Be inherited  By the Persona The Player Fusing (However inharitance Restriction Still Applies)
  • Vision Quest Still Remain And New Strong Boss and challanger.
  • New Dungeoun and New Boss Boss In Inaba
  • New Cameo from Persona 4
    • Adachi
    • Nanako
    • Fox
    • Naoto 
    • Yosuke (only You Can Desire NPC Quest)
    • Rise (Only See in event before SEES arrive )
  • Some Battle Have most Change
    • Calvary Attack From P4G
    • Shuffle Time Has been Resived
    • Rebalanced Character
    • Some Shadow / Enemies Status Has been Change their attribute
    • Tag Team attack
  • New Skill To Changed Persona skill


  • Remaster In High Definition
  • The Gameplay Approximately in 45 Hours Long
  • Accessible save Data From Scenario Journey Transfer into Scenario Answer You will be able To Load Something From Your Save Clear Data 
  • New Event , New Door Abyss Of times , and New Boss
  • New Character Cameos From P2/P4
  • Aegis Door will be embark voice The philemon After That
  • Pallas anthena will be added in Persona Compendium as Wild Card if you fusing, Orpheus (Male) with Orpheus (Female)
  • New Animated Cutscene  & Dialogue
  • new epilogue in 31/3 - 2012

DLC Prize Code

  • Ex Dungeoun Exclusive Dungeoun And More Such as
    • New Boss From Previous Shin Megami Tensei
    • New Super Boss
    • New Area
    • New Weapon
    • New Enemies
  • New Victory Pose 
  • New Cycle Protagonist Voice without Dialogue Choice Box Called "Sound Voice"
  • another Event Has been added
  • New Costume For Party Member
  • Battle Qoutes for Protagonist and Female Protagonist

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