Platforms: PC, Steam/360/PS3/Wii U

Cross-Platforms: Yes

Genre: RPG, FPS, Third-Person

Story: What if a game didn't just have it's storyline happen in one place, or a few places, in the world? What if it happened around the whole world? And what if games had more than just maybe 4 playable characters. What if it had many characters playable through out it's campaign? What if it could tie many storyline's for each character into one huge, awesome game? This is exactly what this game will do. Your start out as a character (not chosen by you), and throughout the game, you'll be forced to play as different characters, returning to previous ones, or discovering new ones. Doing so, will connect the dots to the whole story line.


- John A. Martin (First-Person): This is your main character. You are John A. Martin. You work for the SBPD (Santa Barbara Police Department). You have been working for 4 years now, ever since you were 21. You have a family, your wife with the name Marcy L. Martin. You have 1 child, Jacob, named after your grandfather, who has passed away in a tragic hurricane.

- Philip J. Harris (3rd-Person): Philip J. Harris isn't your typical bank robber. He's pulled off many great feats, such as murdering everyone in a football stadium, and stealing every item from an IKEA. He himself is on the SBPD's, and FBI's, Top 10 Most Wanted List. But no one knew that he didn't pull off these horrific events by himself.

- Shepard R. Payne (First Person): Shepard R. Payne has been an orphan ever since birth. Now, at the age of 32, he works for the SWAT in New York. He lives by himself in an abbandoned school building. One day he's called, along with his squad, to a location underground, within the sewers.

- Filip B. Börjesson (First-Person): Filip B. Börjesson is native to Sweden, but is currently working for the FBI in the US. But, another force has caused him to snap. He betrayed all of his team mates, murdering anyone that came near him. He made his way out of the base, not forgetting to kill their boss.

- Stealth Wind (3rd-Person): Stealth Wing is the codename for a ninja gone rogue after being betrayed by his whole clan. No one knows his real name. He wanders the world, never staying in one place for too long. Traveling, gathering, hunting, building, killing, surviving. MORE COMING SOON

- Darkon Soma (First/Third-Person): Coming Soon

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