Panty and Stocking Anarchy are the two main protagonists in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. They are angels who were kicked out of Heaven for their inappropriate behavior and must kill ghosts and other bizarre things (*cough* Corset *cough*) in Daten City in order to get enough Heaven Coins. They can be in Melee 3D (along with Scaredy Squirrel and 2 of his foes)


  • B - Backlace (Panty)
  • B Side - Stripes I & II (Stocking)
  • B Up - Combine Weaponry (Panty's gun takes down while Stocking's Sword takes up. This can cause them to fly)
  • B Down - Pounch (Panty can grab someone using her body).
  • Final Smash - Repent/Fly Away (Transformation)

Trophy Info

A duo of unlikely angels who must destroy ghosts to earn Heaven Coins. They have team up with Garterbelt so many times to do some of the work. With the deranged foes such as monsters, demons and zombies, these girls still look pretty doing so. They aren't the most lady-like to be around though.


  • Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt


  • Kirby Cap-Panty's Hair
  • Snake Calls (Not in Melee 3D): Mei Ling
  • Voice Suggestion: Laura Bailey (Panty) and Monica Rial (Stocking)

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