Developer(s) Vedewan Studios
Publisher(s) Vedewan Studios
Platform(s) Xbox One
Release date February 7, 2014
Genre Open World


Mode(s) Multi-player
Input DVD, download, Blu-ray Disc
Overwatch (stylized as OV3RWATCH) is an upcoming action-adventure multiplayer video game set in an open world environment. It will be developed by Vedewan Studios and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One. Overwatch centers on the player's ability to communicate with team members to complete an objective. The game was first unveiled during Vedewan's press conference at E3 2013.


Overwatch is an open world action-adventure multiplayer video games with elements of stealth and role-playing included. Players control one of five characters, each with different roles, abilities and appearances.


The storyline of Overwatch is built around the concept of seven characters devoting their second life to whatever morals they believe, whether it being a vigilante or a terrorist.

The game takes place in Melbourne, Australia five years into the future, where Melbourne is no longer the most livable city, but is filled with crime in every alley way.


Jason/Jacinta - Infiltrator

The infiltrator is the class that leads stealthy assaults. The infiltrator is capable of handling itself, and it is one of the most versatile classes in the game.

Bruce/Bronte - Bruiser

The bruiser is the class that handles tough enemies. The bruiser is arguably the strongest of the team and can deal the most damage, at the cost of stealth capabilities.

Alan/Alaine - Escapist

The escapist is the fastest class, usually creating distractions or transporting items from point A to B. The escapist has acrobatic abilities and has moderate stealth capabilities.

Kyle/Kiera - Hacker

The hacker is the class that can hack various objects for their team's advantage, such as opening doors, changing traffic lights and more. The hacker has adequate stealth capabilities but is lacking in strength.

Ryan/Renee - Overwatch

The overwatch is one of the most important classes, providing information to the ground team as well as giving heads up to characters, and sniping enemies. If the ground team is in trouble, the overwatch can go down and help them.

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