Odette is a character that first appeared on Metal Slug Attack as a Playable Unit, she is the younger sister of Annette and one of the 3 secret weapons of Invader Queen.


Mutant sent by the Invaders, in order to investigate terrestrial energy life-form. Her battle capacities are extraordinary high but as her existence should remain secret, she only can transform one part of her body.


Metal Slug 6

During the alliance between PF Squad, Rebel Army and Mars People to fight against the Invader Squad, Odette, Annette and Nowan were on their progress of creation to become their last hope to take over the earth, once the war ended, Odette and Annette has woked up before Nowan.

Metal Slug 9

As part of their plan to avenge Invader Queen's death, Odette and Anette goes to Washington D.C. to kidnapp the president and take over the White House, unfortunately PF Squad has arrived in time to rescue him.

Defeated but not dead, Odette and Anette fuses themselves on the underground to reappears on their original forms fused, calling their fusion "Odanette", after a long fight both fused sisters died before they accomplished their mission.

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Metal Slug Appearances

Metal Slug 9

She and her elder sister are the bosses of Mission 2.

Metal Slug Fighters

Odette is one of the characters of the game.



  • Her character appears to be a reference to Ika Musume (aka Squid Girl) from the Anime Shinryaku! Ika Musume - The invader comes from the bottom of the sea!. Both "girls" seem normal at a glance, but are actually non-human "invaders" with stretching capabilities.

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