Ninja Clan

Ninja Clan is a videogame developer group working as a division of Sega,who are famous for making Sonic the Hedgehog.Ninja Clan started off as an idea between User:UnkwonHero123 and his little brother.It's called Ninja Clan due to UH123's love of Ninjas,and their first scheduled game being Ninja Quest.(BTW The only NC game I have up is hero so expect more in the future.)The groups trademark logo is the word(s) Ninja Clan in graffiti on a brick wall with moss growing around it,a cloud saying "Dream" is often seen as the logo as well,and the Green graffiti hawk,along with the dream logo symbolizes endless possibilities,as a reference to the wiki.The last logo is the Peaceful Birdy,a bird,usally a blue jay,red robin,or green hawk,as red,blue,and green are my favorite colors,is drinking some liquid,and in more mature and darker games,something horrible happens to the bird(i.e. in the newest idea i have has a griffin drinking from an oasis,and sees a little bird drinking from it as well,then it picks it up and eats it,and later after you kill the griffin,the little bird flies out of its stomach.



Hero 2

Hero 3(TBW)

Ninja Quest

Ninja Quest 2(TBW)

Project Zero(TBW)


Project Zero:New Dawn(TBW)


Smaller teams,created for specific things.

Unlimited-Basically all the artists withing NC

Green Hawk Productions-The level designers,programmers and anything in between.And the writers.

Secret Society-The heads of the team,they manage overall PR and are responsible for any money based problems.They also manage the staff,pay the staff and anyother thing in between,think human resources.

I make the overall business decisions

and The Gamers-A group of testers who make youtube videos showingvarious glitches in games so we can make the most memorable games without,or a smaller amount of bugs and glitches so the gmers work closely with Green Hawk Productions.


  • Alot of the games made by NC hosts references to pop culture i.e. In Ninja Quest,in the level The Street,when you go in the sewers,one of the heros(Main Character Ninja)will quip to his partner(Smaurai) about the city's filthy sewers,then noticing a mutant rat scurry away,Ninja questions if it's going to go eat pizza with its adopted turtles(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) which makes Samurai remark,"Maybe,but we're in Sanfrancisco(home to NC usa HQ) ...not New York City."In Hero 3,in Blaze's campaign,when he fights the leader of the 40-robbers(they named themselves after the 49'ers),the leader quips to Blaze"What are you?Some kind of superhero?What? Did you used to be a nerdy wimp that got bit by a spider,and besides,don't you have to be sewing some tights at your mom's house?" due to Blaze showing up in a yellow and blue hoodie with blue and yellow leather pants and black combat boots due to him joining the x-men a day prior to that fight,but refuses to wear tights.

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