Ninja-gan'nā (忍者ガンナー, lit. "The Ninja Gunner") is a "rail shooter shooting beat 'em up", or "rail shooter shoot 'em up", exclusively for the GigaCom and the first game to use the Motion Shooter (in Japan it's known as Motion Trigger), which is required to play this game.


In the year 30XX in the hyper-modern future the creatures known as the "Ficts" (which is short for Fiction or Fictional) run the world. Many other animals went extinct. Meanwhile the young hero named Zio decided to suffer no longer and went to the Kiyyo Dojo to train as the "Ninja-gan'na". With his training complete he gears up for the No. 1 mission: To stop the chaos!


As a "rail shooter Shoot 'em up" you have to travel from Stage to Stage (in a way based off of the Heddo series) fighting off a number enemies to progress through the level. It, and the music, is/are arcade-styled (based on Sin & Punishment for the N64). The game also has a score system and uses it for 2 purposes: Scoring on the Leaderboard and unlocking extra content!

Game Modes

  • Start/Continue
    • Start Game
    • Continue
  • Tutorial
  • Training
  • Leaderboard
  • Stage Select
  • Gallery
  • Options
  • Back
  • L.-O.e-R.


  • Zio - The young man who trained to be the "Ninja-gan'na" and stop the Ficts from exterminating the other animals.

Other Info

  • Ratings: CERO - B, ESRB - T, PEGI - 12
  • Developed by: Treasure Games
  • Published by: AccelGames
  • Systems: GigaCom (GigaStream)


  • The game series is based on Sin & Punishment.
  • This is also the first game to use the L.-O.e-R. add-on.

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