NIER (Remake)
Developer(s) Cavia
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Platform(s) Playstation Vita
Release date TBA

Mode(s) Single Player
Media Blu-ray Disc
NIER Is The Remake Game for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. first Nier is NieR Gestalt was Realesed in Japan and North American in PS3 and Xbox 360 and NieR Replicant Was Realesed in Japan with Playstation 3. More New Example Taro Yoko Has Taking Decision For Nier Replicant Game Scenario. This Game Has Take Game Remake For Nier Replicant Game As Nier (Brother). Some Thought the New Upgrade Element With More Extreme Story and Gameplay. Some Thought the New Upgrade Element With More New Footage Story and Gameplay.The Gameplay is approximately 70 Hour Gameplay

Gameplay Change 

  • Video Ouput Supported 480p, 780p, 1080i and 1080p
  • Audio Ouput Supported Dolby Digital 6.1 sound and DTS Digital Surround 6.1.
  • Widescreen Ratio 16:9
  • 10 New Music Track 
  • 25 Music Track Has been Arrangment
  • Throphy Support
  •  The game With Lighting, Shadowing and Enchead Pre-render Movies with High Quality in High Definition
  • New Difficult Level System Added Such As: Normal Mode, Easy Mode, Hard Mode and Final Mix mode. You Can Unlocked The Final Mix Mode When You Convert Data From Nier Representive but you have answer 3 Questions from Previous Game. or You Can Unlock The Final Mode When you Can Convert Data, You can Unlock it  After Beat The Game Nier, Without Answer 3 Question.
  • Playstation 4 Theme Costume
  • From Transfer the NieR Another Story Game Clear Data to The NieR Replicant Such As :
    • Prologue Was Originally Added but If You Transfer Data, The story Prologue Changed, Which Event With New Prologue What Happened in Prequel Game Story. 
    • Nier Another Story Flashback Has been Added
    • Ending E has Added
    • Alternate Shadowlord's Name to name NieR Gestalt
    • Level Started at 15 
    • Transfer Initial Weapon From Nier Another Story.
  • English Version announced To Realesed with New Replicant NieR (Young) English Voice Acting and Script Change From Nier Replicant has added Version English & Remaster Voice Acting For NieR Replicant Japanese 
  • The game With Lighting, Shadowing and Enchead Pre-render Movies with High Quality in High Definition Some Scene have been adjusted with Diffrent Camera angles to Accommodate
  • New Improved Cutscene, New Event and FMV
  • New Optional Bosses 
  • New Creature Shade
  • New Sealed Verse
  • Additional Items, Weapon, And NPC's Quest
  • With New Path Ending E Will Have Addition :
    • After Conversation Of Yonah Gestalt To shadowlord. Showing Up The Final Dungeoun Old Town Tokyo, japan in 3470. You Have To Check Items And Equipment Before Prepare The Final Battle and Save Your Game Data Before Prepare. Showing The Shadowlord (NieR Gestalt as Real Human Form With Shadowlord Power) And Grimore Noir has Waiting the Nier Replicant and Grimore Weiss To revenge For Yonah Gestalt. and Kaine Can't Come With Your Party But She Can Move With Yonah into There.
    • Additional Cutscene and New Key Items 
    • New Cutscene Will Be Connection To Drakengard 1, 3 And Nier Souless
    • New Verse and Improved Story For New Verse
    • Chapter being Change Additional Cutscene
    • New Optional Boss for New Improved Cutscene
    • Additional Prove Project gestalt and Another Project Gestalt Has Been Adde
    • Ending E will be merged Between Ending B,C, and D and New Ending Ruspect to Kaine Ending, Emil ending, Yonah ending and Nier & Shadowlord Ending.


  • Japanese Voice Acting DLC (Only For English Version)
  • Drag-On Dragoon 3 Arrangment Song (Black Song, & Fallen God )
  • New Cutscene Connection To Drag-On Dragoon

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