Nick Plus: Road to Stardom is best describe as Crash Bash meet Bomberman Land. Some of the selected contender from the fantasy channel Nick Plus must compete in a series of mini games to take Tak off the Nicktoons Network Schedule before he his show (Tak and The Power of Juju) rules the network.

The game shall contain mini games similar to Crash Bash or Bomberman Land. There shall be a room mix with Crash Bash areas and Bomberman Land area, The BML part is were a playable can talk to non-playable characters.

Playable Characters

Fighter Portible Ports Concel Series
ChunkNay.pngAye.png'The Ripping Friends
Bob the DogNay.pngAye.pngOggy and The Cockroaches
OggyAye.pngAye.pngOggy and The Cockroaches
Mr. BlikAye.pngAye.pngCatscratch
Josh RevgroveAye.pngAye.pngMr. Meaty
Parker DinklemanAye.pngAye.pngMr. Meaty
RipAye.pngAye.pngThe Ripping Friends
CrigeAye.pngAye.pngThe Ripping Friends
Bud and Gorigous (althogether)Aye.pngAye.pngSpace Goofs
Dee Dee, Marky and Joey (altogether)Aye.pngAye.pngOggy and The Cockroaches
Rick SprocketAye.pngAye.pngRicky Sprocket: Showbiz Boy
Kitten KabootleAye.pngAye.pngRicky Sprocket: Showbiz Boy
Felix the CatAye.pngAye.pngTwisted Tales of Felix the Cat
Woody WoodpeckerAye.pngAye.pngThe New Woody Woodpecker Show
Mr. FischburgerNay.pngAye.pngRicky Sprocket: Showbiz Boy
Doug the Mall CopNay.pngAye.pngMr. Meaty
SlabNay.pngAye.pngThe Ripping Friends
Ms. MeanyNay.pngAye.pngThe New Woody Woodpecker Show
Mr. XAye.pngAye.pngThe X's
Wally WalrusAye.pngAye.pngThe New Woody Woodpecker Show
JackAye.pngAye.pngOggy and The Cockroaches
FredAye.pngAye.png'Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island
Dark HelmetAye.pngAye.pngSpaceballs: The Animated Series
GeeKeRNay.pngAye.pngProject GeeKeR
Slip and Slid (altogether)Nay.pngAye.pngCoconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island
Echinda NinjaAye.pngAye.png(a made-up character by Tommy Lopez who should have his own show)