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This game takes place in an age of samurais and ancient warriors (Think Pokemon Conquest mixed with Skyrim). On the Wii U, it is an Open World RPG where you take control of a young warrior in training, using their Pokemon to complete quests, fight enemies, and save the world from an army led by an evil overlord; while the 3DS app is used to link to the console, and can be used to train your Pokemon, and improve your weapons and Armour.

Story: In the Gaius Region, the first pokeball has been created b a legendary, and with this, the people are capable of capturing, and befriending the wild beasts of the region. One lord of evil, known as Lord Boajun (Chinese word for Tyrant), however sees this as a chance to take over the world, and gathers an army of samurai, and legions of powerful Pokemon. You must gather a team of Pokemon, sharpen your combat skills, and plunge into battle to save your homeland, or rule it, and become the first Pokemon Master.


Character: Fully customizable, The trainer character can be customized via facial features, hair styles, skin tone, body type, and more. Armour and clothing is beneficial to your quest, for in this game, you must fight alongside your pokemon in real time, and special armours will defend you from certain attacks. Exp earned for defeating enemies, capturing pokemon, and completing quests is put into increasing Health, Stamina, Strength, Agility etc... as well as getting perks for skills like combat, cooking, training, alchemy, smithing, etc.

Pokemon: Taking Pokemon from the past six gens, and new ones, this is one of the biggest rosters of Pokemon in series history. I'm not that inventive outside Starters and legendaries, so my idea for new pokemon comes more from fanmade monsters (Check out Darksilvania, Dragonith, Pokeluka, MTC-Studios, and Twime777 on Deviantart). Pokemon in the wild can be seen, making them easy to avoid, and you can easily run away if they engage you in combat. You can also add clothes, armor, and war paint to your pokemon to give them a special unique touch.

Pokemon Commands: Go somewhere, Carry something, Steal something (only if you are a thief), Attack something, Retrieve Something, Dig, Glide, Fly, Surf, Dive, Mount, hold something in inventory (only if you equip them with saddle bags, pouches, and packs), Activate something.

You can carry up to six Pokemon, as usual, but this time, they know several attacks, as well as the ability to fight up close without using special attacks or moves. Up to two Pokemon can be out of their pokeballs at once, following you, and interacting with the world around you. Some pokemon can be mounted (Gogoat, Rhyhorn, Rapidash, Etc.) and they can be rode anywhere. Surfing, diving, riding, gliding and flying pokemon appear as the actual Pokemon, not just a blob.

STARTERS: See Pokeluka's starters, they're pretty sweet, and match the Starter pattern (Evolution creature for grass, semi aquatic creature for water, and zodiac animal for fire). They are Gleafard, Ignouse, and Finniped.

Alternate Starters: If you choose to join Lord Boajun, you can follow one of his messengers before you get your first pokemon, this man will ask you if you wish to join, and upon answering yes, will offer you a new set of starters. They are Devimp, Makoy, and Grassian.

Legendaries: Onimurai: Ghost/Fighting, this ancient spirit was created by Arceus to teach pokemon how to fight, he revels in creating, watching, and sometimes joining conflicts between pokemon and humans alike. The Dark lord Boajun wishes to manipulate this monster to fight for him, and help him conquer the world.

Shishardian: Ghost/Fairy type, this dog-like Spirit was created by Arceus to stop Onimurai from destroying the world, and appears when war gets out of hand in order to make peace between the warring sides. It is the creator of Pokeballs. It's twisting head has two sides, the content, smiling, and close-mouthed face spreads good cheer, and happiness. But when it turns to the angry, open-mouthed side, it is a warning of evil, and uses it's power to Devour and swallow evil spirits.

Sorcerus: Fairy/Dark type, This cloaked, and bearded four armed creature has spent eons sealed in the spirit realm, focusing his magic power, and waiting to come forth to a worthy master. He is catchable at the end of the Golden Monastery quest line, and he is a powerful, far-range fighter.

Mega Evolutions: Now, every pokemon with Mega Evolutions has two separate forms, with only a special few having an extra-rare, and powerful third. For instance, Gengarite will turn Gengar into his regular Mega form, while Gengarium will turn him into another (Search RaiZhuW, Pokeluka and Dragonith on Deviantart for some awesome mega forms), while combinibg these two stones at a special temple will create Gengaronium. Some will be better for various situations. New pokemon have also been given new Mega Evolutions, including Pokemon from all 6 generations.

Weapons: Can be found in wilderness, Smithed, or Bought.

Blades: The swiftest weapons in the game, Swords are great slashing tools, higher level swords can also stab. Magic attacks with swords involve large, magic arching blades, and spinning-circle blades. 

Clubs: A heavier weapon, Clubs are extremely slow, but do a lot of damage, and send lighter weight enemies flying. Magic with clubs involve spinning in tornadoes, and shattering the earth with heavy slams. 

Staffs: Fast,but very weak, Staffs are capable of long combos. Magic with Staffs include long, fast-paced combos.

Bows: For far-range damage, go with the Bows, with these, you can support your pokemon while keeping out of the battlefield. Beware though, these require ammo which you can buy, smith, or find in the wilderness. Magic attacks include raining, or singular huge arrows of magic energy.

Chains: Kusuri-Gamas, and other chain-weapons, these extremely fast long-ranged weapons are capable of huge combos, while dealing moderate damage. Magic attacks include long whipping attacks, and pull-in grabs.

Shields: Good for bashing, Charging, and throwing, Shields are heavy, but they can be used to block many tough attacks. Magic attacks involve Charging star style tackles, and Firing blocked damage out as energy attacks.

Cannons: Heavy, but stronger equivalents to bows, however, Cannon ammo requires more smithing reagents, although they can be filled with special powders to grant type advantages. Cannon Magic attacks involve huge beams, or travelling bombs.

Unarmed: Want to get really close-up to your opponent, and do some pretty good damage too? Then practice your martial arts, and put up your dukes in close-ranged unarmed combat. They might not have any magic attacks outside quick dispatches, or combos, but they are good for stealth knockouts, and gain a buff depending on the armour rating of your gauntlets/boots.

Armours: Helmets, Gauntlets, Pauldrons, chestplates, boots, and leg-plates are all parts of your armour, and they can be mixed and matched to gain certain buffs and advantages. Armour can be bought, smithed, or found in the wilderness. You can even build armour pieces for your pokemon in order to give them buffs.

Special Armours/ Weapons: If you can befriend your pokemon on the 3DS App to the point of absolute Adoration, some may give you pieces to special armour and weapons that are based around them. Some special Armours and weapons are based around Nintendo Characters (Little Mac boxing Gloves, Mario armour, Donkey Kong armour for Monkey Pokemon, Starfox Armour, Meta Knight sword, Dedede Hammer).

Smithing: Going to the different mines around the Gaius Region will usually end with you finding viens of Various metals. If you're lucky you can find gems to create enchanted Jewelry, Fossils, or even Mega Stones. Smithing forges, smelters, grindstones, and armour benches can be found in every major city, and in some small camps and towns.

Places: the 8 Cities are filled with stores, temples, Pokemon centers, and Smithies, as well as Dojos to train yourself and your pokemon in various ways, and gyms to earn badges, and compete in tournaments to earn new armour and weapons. The 15 different villages scattered throughout the Gaius region are home to people willing to give out quests, different things like farms and daycares, and one village has a Safari Zone.

Daycares: Here you can leave up to two pokemon, and the four different daycares can contribute different things, one specializes in happiness and friendship, one for intelligence, one for ferocity, and another specializing in pokemon breeding.

Gyms: The Gyms are huge temples with intense challenges, and trainers to fight. Gym Leaders are based on the ones created by Darksilvania.

Desert Plains: A Desert area complete with cacti, an oasis area, and a large Egyptian-like dig where mysterious pokemon roam.

Canyons: Home to flying, bug, rock and ground types, these deep gorges can be climbed down, but if you have a gliding pokemon (Gligar/Gliscor, Emolga, etc.), you can glide down or over these deep pits.

Frozen/ Scorching Mountains: On opposite ends of the map, there is a Frozen mountain with an alpine settlement, filled with icy pokemon, fossils, and a strange ruin on the peak, as well as deep carved out tunnels. On the other is the Scorching Volcano with an ashy field and hot spring at the base, with an egg hatching farm, and a mountain filled with crystal caverns. The two mountains meet in the center where a giant ball of ice and lava mix, creating an energy that creates the power to fuse pokemon.

Forests/Jungles: With different types of Pokemon, the eerie and silent forests are home to thieves and dangerous predatory pokemon, while the Bamboo and large-tree jungles are home to Flying, Bug, mammal and Reptilian pokemon.

Grasslands: Long sprawling grass fields make up a large amount of the Gaius Region.

Beach/Sea/Pond: A great place to find aquatic pokemon.

Caves: Good for finding ground, Steel, and Rock types, sometimes you may find a clump of ore viens.

Desecrated Temples/Crypts: Home to Ghost and bug Pokemon, these areas are home to wandering souls of warriors who had died in battle, all using ghost pokemon.

Islands: Some tropical, some sandy, some rocky and Barren, these are excellent for finding variously typed pokemon, but mostly water types.

Trenches: Once you teach your pokemon how to dive, you can go underwater and find deep sea treasure, pokemon, and atlantean ruins and dungeons where different pokemon and enemies roam.

3DS App: Like Pokemon Amie, this free App for the 3DS allows you to improve your pokemon, your bonds with them, and your weapons in ways you couldn't in the regular game.

Cooking/ Alchemy: Food will replenish health and make your pokemon happier if you feed them their favorite treat. Alchemy will create potions which will give temporary buffs, or fill up special meters. One potion that can be made will increase your pokemon's level by one, but the ingredients are hard to find, and the recipe must be earned in a quest.

Quests: Given to you by people in need of help, or just reading scrolls/ wanted posters, these quests include catching a certain pokemon, defeating enemies/pokemon, retrieving items, completing tasks, finding treasures/ items, and clearing out dungeons.

Farming: Your character has a family that runs a small farm, south of the first village. Here you can breed new Pokemon, gather resources, tend crops and reagents for alchemy, and do some extra work for money.

Fishing: An old rod will only catch normal fish and reagents you can use in alchemy or cooking, but any above that will pull up a pokemon, treasure, and rarer reagents.

Online: You can leave signs, and messages in the world, and can meet up with other players in the Temple of Joining in the sixth city to fight, trade, and play games with other players. Battles will be restricted to other players that are the same level of your character, rather than the level of your pokemon, and you can choose to fight with just the human character, just pokemon, mixed, and to turn off Fusions and Mega Evolutions.

Fusions: We've all seen the awesome pokemon fusions online, and one of the new features will include clashing Mega Stones of two different pokemon together to create a powerful fusion with the best attributes of each pokemon. However, this method, unlike normal mega evolutions, will destroy the mega stones used, forcing you to go and buy, mine, or find them again. Quest specific Mega Stones can be reobtained by talking to the quest giver again.

Major Quest lines (smaller quests usually only involve one or more tasks, and usually only award you with gold, a weapon, or a TM): Story: Taking you across the Gaius region, battling Lord Bajoun's, or The Pokemon Armies forces, and taking on several bosses, ending in the two legendaries. You can choose which legendary you want, and then go after them while they batttle. the one you fight will be available for capture, the other escapes to the spirit world where you must then track it down if you wish to have him as well.

Pokemon League: Like all other games before it, the hero's main mission is to become a Pokemon master, and the eight gym badges are your only key to entering the grand League Dojo in the Ninth city, which is only made up of the giant Pagoda building, and a few shops/ training buildings. The Elite four are wielding Fairy, Ice, Dragon, and Psychic pokemon. The champion is actually Your Father (who had appeared several times in the story, but only for an occasional father/son chat). He has the mightiest of the new pokemon, as well as older pokemon, all capable of mega evolutions, and two capable of fusing, consisting of varied types. Upon defeating the champion, you are taken to the highest room in the dojo where you see the ultimate weapon before you, a golden blade with a moonstone blade. The weapon is given to you, and you are made the Master of the Pokemon League.

The Masked Caper: A masked thief has stolen several priceless artifacts, and jewels. Your character follows many leads, and eventually finds his way to the thieves hideout where you must battle several fast, shadow, and ninja pokemon. At the end of the battle, he reveals he is only one of many thieves, and he offers to train you. If you accept, you will be trained in the art of stealth, and thievery; even how to command your Pokemon to steal for you. The final quest gives you a choice where you can battle against your leader (he has the same pokemon as before, but some have evolved), join him, or simply leave during a hiest for the ultimate Shadow egg. If you defeat him you will hatch the egg into a Slendrob (Darksilvania's fakemon based on Slenderman, the only one in the game) which you can keep for yourself, and you become the leader of the thieves. If you join him and take it for the gang, it will hatch into thousands of Shiny Ghastlys that everyone, including yourself will get. If you leave, the thieves will see you as a traitor, and they will attempt to attack you, or rob you while in the wilderness at night.

The Golden Monastery: At the beginning of the game, your character knows a few offensive and defensive spells, but word of a great shaman in a golden monastery joining the volcanic and icy mountains together begin to spread, and they tell he will teach magic to anyone who can reach him. After completing a quest to find the key to the monastery, you will enter, and be greeted by an old man with Psychic and Fairy type pokemon. After a battle with him to test yourself, he will begin teaching you. The Quest line ends with a battle against one of the new Legendaries, Sorcerus.

War of the Sea: A Ninja's worst enemy is a pirate, and an army of them has just so happened to have appeared. Many of the battles take place on land, but eventually you will earn access to war ships, and the Surfing War armour (A special type of Armour outfitted with cannons that can go on Pokemon that can learn surf or dive). Enemies in this quest line include pirate gunners, sparrers, anchor-wielders, and cannoneers, all using Ice, Water, and Ghost types. The final battle is against the pirate captain who uses a Sharpedo, a Dutchark, Blackaneer, Lockaneer, (pokemon created by MTC-Studios), and a Nautraskul (created by Darksilvania), and before you can deliver the final blow, he pushes you into the sea. It is then that you realize his ship is actually an armoured Mega Wailord, and you are forced to use Water and Surfing pokemon to defeat the final battle with the pirates. After the quest, the pirates' pokemon will be marooned on islands, allowing you to capture them, though you may also sometimes run into a pirate camp.

Healing the Soul: Should you walk into the haunted house in the eastern most city, at level 15 or higher, you will be greeted by the spirit of a young girl, cradling her pet Litwick. If you can help her retrieve certain items, she will eventually be at peace, and will leave. Her Litwick will then be loyal to you, and will join your party. The Litwick will glow if there are spirits in need of help, and will lead you to them after the initial quest is done. Further quests will include helping lost spirits to the afterlife, excorsising angry ghost pokemon, and fighting evil ghost trainers.

The Flower of Life: Bieng led by a wilting Flabebe, you will be lead into a previously unreachable area of the forest outside of the fourth town. the pokemon will lead you to a giant wilting flower. A spirit of a grass pokemon will then appear, and tell you you must catch Six powerful grass and fairy type pokemon, and bring them to the flower before it dies. Upon completing the quest, the reward will be a petal of the newly reborn flower made into a badge that will grant plus 100 health to you and all of your pokemon, as well as the pair of mega stones for your choice of the quest pokemon.

The great Expedition: After the main story, you and your rival meet up in your home town. He says he has found a map to a great palace where an ancient pokemon lies in wait for a new master. The quest takes you through a Rainforest area, and you soon enter a great golden, Aztec-like temple. The great pokemon is actually just a small, immobile golden mask (Fire/Steel) called Azhelm. You can choose to keep him, or let him free. If you keep him, it soon evolves into a Jaguar-like pokemon called Aztetli. Soon, it evolves into the mighty Azhuahuitl, a hulking golden suit of flaming armour wielding a molten Maquahuitl.

Dragon Hunting: Like the flower of Life, this quest features Six powerful dragon types that you must catch. As you explore the eight city after the main story, and after becoming Pokemon League Master, after going into any shop or building, you will hear a loud explosion and crashing. Upon exiting, you find that as you were inside, the city was attacked by a mighty Dragon Pokemon. You, as the hero of the Gaius region, are summoned to the Pokemon League. There, the elite four, and the former champion are gathered at a table, waiting for you. After a discussion, the members decide that it is best if you go with the Dragon master to capture six powerful dragons in order to defeat the one that is now ravaging the region. Upon collecting the six, you meet the dragon master and do battle with Yveltal, and you earn a chance to catch him, as well as a mega stone for your choice of captured dragon.

The eevee alignment: In a walk through a field, at about level 30, you will be met with a friendly eevee without a master. It will allow you to catch it, and upon entering a healing temple, a person will comment how rare it is, and that you should take it to "The Eevee master". This geriatric, but excitable man is on to the discovery of "The ultimate Mega Stone", which will allow any eeveelution it is used on to mega evolve, no matter what it is. He sends you to gather one of each eevee-lution (whether through breeding, or capturing) to have them find it. Upon entering the mine where it is apparently hidden, the old man double crosses you, and attacks you with his own team of evolved eevees. Upon defeating him, you are given the ultimate stone, and the old man walks away in defeat.

The Fossil Hunt: This being the generation with the most fossil pokemon, a quest to gather all of them makes sense. An archeologist approaches you in the fifth City (home to a huge dig) telling you that there are fossils that can be resurrected by great magic in the pits. Once you get one, you can take it to the Shaman at the Golden Monastery, he tells you each fossil requires a special "Soul-key" that is also required to awaken it. You can then collect the fossils, Mega Stones, and Soul keys of the fossil pokemon, and upon collecting three or more, you can report back to the archeologist to begin a quest where you can learn of the ancient pokemon. It ends with the Archeologist leading you to a mine where the "Ultimate fossil" is apparently hidden. This ultimate fossil is actually a living Emperock, whose Master is an immortal warrior. Upon defeating this beast, the master gives you his pokemon as a prize.

Full Pokedex (New Pokemon): By Darksilvania: Devimp, Erestas, Luciferno, Makoy, Tigrism, Carcharake, Grassian, Arbolimp, Bamboon, Skurbouy, Nautraskul, Trophawn, Wendiglow, Kakapum, Magmakao, Krakatoo, Lamburn, Carnaries, Tegrane, Ketratank, Aquana, Galacial, Zubzilla, Rayacuda, Moracuda, Jormacuda, Grecalf, Sparturo, Mosloth, Folagerium, Grassian, Arbolimp, Bamboon, Bandactus, Cactualero, Treatrick, Punkrop, Motroscrow, Phantice, Mastonerg, Bersekub, Ranserker, Egyptra (M/F), Kobreistes, Kobreist, Nefertoxic, Pharoaxic, Tutankoff, Primigon, Tapoloon, Frogaloon, Bucefaloon, Dromazor, Parazword, Calalia, Atlalia, Wastory, Pollustrial, Animaus, Katoon, Karikanain, Slendrob, Cheshiruss, Cheshirage, Cheshirodd, Missel, Misselange, Fabelok, Bokori, Samerusa, Smug, Smokroach, Bulbugh, Lanterpion, Vermingo, Plumbo, Volumino, Engrosso, Zombignon, Gavelout, Soldrone, Scaragoon, Santiklos,.

By Pokeluka: Gleafard, Lizaero, Reptiling, Ignouse, Rombust, Conflagarat, Finniped, Pholge, Tusmire, Tasbite, Tasmaniac, Anber, Amboon, Lomberant, Camolumn, Pyramel, Imhotemple, Slugucus, Dratlantic, Fairooth, Dentellum, Navell, Subturine, Volchick, Lightneery, Cassonder, Ignarious, Twilectro, Magmin, Lavorta, Torrovious, Narwhice, Hailwhal, Salvadou, Babiroga

By Twime777: Nisshocki, Shurikuro, Kintana, Pytorient, Aureliz, Karatile, Mandaurus, Gourdull, Pumkid, Jackoween, Monostream, Streax, Tibrisk, Smylomo, Leones, Lioneaf, Linophinx.

By JoshKH92: Sanshar, Sharkastle, Cullis, Cullastle, Orcool, Orkill, Peastrum, Zebluff, Stallojan, Scrapull, Boxurge, Danine, Arungue, Amorfoe, Snouti, Coative.

By MTC-Studios: Roseard, Drabigonos, Frymingo, Flambengo, Lemureal, Surealemur, Lemuzzare, Fixit, Buildit, Wreckit, Boalt, Voltaipan, Anaconduct, Pupapil, Shinobitle, Brawltle, Kabumo, Dakio, Oaking, Confire, Vultemper, Combuzzard, Cragon, Terragon, Relicub, Saborelic, Frossil, Glacaurex, Emperock, Junglejack, Puffluff, Thorost, Thorunder, Aidog, Vacanine, Houndhero, Sapesh, Blackaneer, Hookaneer, Lockaneer, Smackid, Chargead, Rampede, The Pokemonger team, Gypspirit, Stumpyro, Burninwood, Pyrepolar, Hikiraiya, Katsunade, Orohachi, The legendary Weapon pokemon (Hakades, Aoseidon, Kireus, Excalord.

By GregAndrade: Nanorg, Cybrong, Phanthite, Poltehost, Feargeist, Jaguarisk, Panterah, Porkero, Sparkoin, Bothundar, Capiny, Caprivar, Crocrouth, Tankrouth, Viperoth, Darcoon, Stroscoon, Lesmada, Fantrasa, Colheira, Banderark, Jahim, Poteloko, Necrovaso, Dartish, Laminish, Koable, Euclabe, Weebom, Combustle, Bombartle, Treecious (this section will be updated over time, as he is currently working on more)

The Dark Pokemon: (based on a concept by Darksilvania) In one post game quest line, you are tracking down the defeated Lord Boajun into his own territory. Obviously, he leads you into a trap, which unleashes a dark energy, infecting wild starter pokemon from the past six gens with an energy turning them into dark versions of themselves. On a shadow of the Colossus type quest, you must track down these Dark Pokemon, and capture them. You can then either keep them as Dark forms, granting new abilities, or cleanse them at the Temple of Light in the Fourth City. The Dark pokemon cannot fuse, or mega evolve, but they are capable of unleashing Shadow Magic attacks, and can power the player with Shadow Energy.

By Me: Onimurai, Sorcerus, Shishardian, Azhelm, Aztetli, Azhuhuitl.

(New Mega Evolutions,each one has two): Mega Chandelure, Mega Coffagrigus, Mega Arcanine, Mega Poliwrath, Mega Ursaring, Mega Slowking, Mega Victini, Mega Skarmory, Mega Flygon, Mega Tropius, Mega Marowak, Mega Golem, Mega Sableye, Mega Ninetales, Mega Metagross, Mega Relicanth, Mega Snorlax, Mega Machamp, Mega Primeape, Mega Muk, Mega Gallade, Mega Swampert, Mega Meganium, Mega Sceptile, Mega Feraligatr, Mega Typhlosion, Mega Infernape, Mega Empoleon, Mega Torterra, Mega Samurott, Mega Emboar, Mega Serperior, Mega Delphox, Mega Chesnaught, Mega Greninja, Mega Beedrill, Bisharp, Mega Wailord, Mega Magnezone, Mega Haxorus, Mega Luxray, Mega Wigglytuff, Mega Tentracruel, Mega Spiritomb, Mega Shedinja, Mega Zangoose, Mega Seviper, Mega Raichu, Mega Exploud, Mega Xatu, Mega Dragonite, Mega Sandslash, Mega nidoking, Mega Weezing, Mega Lapras, Mega Magmortar, Mega Electivire, Mega Entei, Mega Torkoal, Mega Dusknoir, Mega Vespiqueen, Mega Rhyperior, Mega Tangrowth, Mega Drapion, Mega Gigalith, Mega Conkeldurr, Mega Sawk, Mega Throh, Mega Krookodile, Mega Zoroark, Mega Reuniculus, Mega Vanilluxe, Mega Ferrothorn, Mega Hydreigon, Mega Pyroar, Mega Florges, Mega Pangoro, Mega Meowstic, Mega Aegislash, Mega Goodra, Mega Hawlucha, The Mega Eeveelutions, Mega Braivary, Mega Tyrantrum, Mega Trevanant, Mega Gourgheist, Mega Froslass, Mega Luciferno, Mega Carcharake, Mega Bamboon, Mega Reptiling, Mega Conflagarat, Mega Tusmire.

DLC (Each one is 10 dollars): The island of the Lost: After you reach level 25, you will be approached by a mad adventurer, claiming he has seen "The Lost". When you inquire about the Lost to a healer, he will tell you the Lost were a group of the first people to ever train pokemon, who made an expedition to a misty island to learn the secrets of Pokemon. You can then gather a crew of trainers you have befriended, and buy a ship  to travel out to the Island of The Lost. The foggy island is home to brand new pokemon, new weapons, armours, challenges, and ancient ruins filled with traps, puzzles, and an unknown technology. The final part of the mission involves finding the Lost, hypnotized, and brainwashed into praying to the statue of a great pokemon. Suddenly, the statue comes to life, and is seen as Regigigas. The battle involves facing the Lost, they're pokemon, and Regigigas all at the same time, you're friends are hopefully still with you, so It shouldn't be a problem.

City in the Sky: As you walk around at at least level 30, you're character will receive a surprise in the form of a gold-armoured woman descending from the sky. She will tell you that you have been named worthy to see the City of the Gods by the one known as "Seigfried". When you go with her, you are introduced to a golden city in the sky, with trainers using only flying type pokemon. The Ruler of the city Seigfried has brought you so you can join in his conquest to rule the surface world. You turn him down, and he of course sends the legendary pokemon he believes to be a god after you. You are now on the run from insane cultists, and only the girl in gold, and her flying pokemon can help you escape the City in the Sky.

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